SUA students visit LSU


Students from the Slovak Univeristy of Agriculture visited the LSU on March 3 - 17. The following is a letter they wrote about their experience: 


If you notice an announcement on the university website about a study visit to LSU, make sure that you will apply! It’s definitely worth it.


Students from the Slovak University of Agriculture with LSU College of Agriculture students.Photo provided by Ivana Tregenza

Our study visit began with a meeting the parking lot in front of UNIAG on Tuesday at 2:30 AM. We had more than 24 hours of travelling ahead of us and all of us knew that it would not be easy. Our airplane landed at 9 PM (GMT-6) and it felt like travelling back in time. Lovely Miss Ivana Tregenza, director of international relations at LSU CoA, was already waiting for us at the airport and continued to guide us throughout the whole stay.

On the first day, Dr. Picha introduced us to the state of Louisiana’s history and its capital city, Baton Rouge. The afternoon consisted of learning about the processing and use of alligator skin in the textile and fashion industry. Afterwards, willing and sincere students guided us through the campus of LSU, which covers an area of more than 80.000 acres. The following day, we attended a sensoric evaluation of sweet potato smoothies that are being developed at LSU. Next, we visited Fluker’s farm ( , which specializes in raising and breeding various types of insects. More specifically; crickets, cockroaches, mealworms, and soldier flies. This visit expanded our knowledge in an atypical area of agriculture and the management of a company.

The other interesting aspect of our trip was a discussion with Dr. Russin about the establishment of land grant universities and controversial topics like GMO’s. His interesting thoughts left us inspired. Some other highlights of our trip were from visiting New Orleans and the historical center of Baton Rouge.

During our free time we had a chance to taste the local cuisine like alligators, crawfish and American beer. We also did sport activities, watched a baseball game and cheered for the LSU gymnastics team. Afterwards we had a campfire, where we had the opportunity to plant our own trees with GPS location in the LSU AgCenter Burden botanic garden. Dr. Richardson, the Dean, stopped by the campfire to welcome us to the university. His warm greeting not only surprised us, but also made us feel important.

This was the third year of this program and we are very fortunate to be a part of it. We encourage others to take this chance for a lifetime experience they will never forget and apply for this program.



Students of SUA, Nitra, Slovakia.