Frequently Asked Questions 

Office of Student Services

What is the role of the College of Agriculture’s Office of Student Services?

The Office of Student Services provides support for prospective, continuing, and transfer students for the CoA.  Students come to the Office of Student Services for many reasons, such as to inquire about academic programs, change their major or concentration, submit grade appeals, check out for graduation, or learn about LSU policies and procedures.

Where is the College of Agriculture’s Office of Student Services and what are the office hours?

Our office is located in 106 Martin D. Woodin Hall, which is on the quad next to the design building.  Our office hours are 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, with limited service during lunchtime. No appointment is needed to speak to someone in the Student Services Office, although there may be a short wait during peak times in the semester. We can also be reached by phone at (225) 578-2065, or by email at

How do I meet with an academic advisor?

The College of Agriculture does not have academic advisors on staff. Rather, students are assigned a curriculum coordinator, or faculty advisor, based on their major. View a complete list of curriculum coordinators. Students wishing to speak with their curriculum coordinator regarding scheduling should contact them directly to set up an appointment. Note: Incoming freshmen are directly admitted to the College of Agriculture and should not go to UCFY for advising.


What are requirements for entering the CoA?

  • Entering freshmen who meet the university admissions standards and have a declared major within the College of Agriculture will be directly admitted to the College of Agriculture.
  • Students transferring from another academic unit on the LSU campus will be admitted to the College of Agriculture after they have earned at least a 2.00 LSU and cumulative GPA,  a 2.00 on all courses applied towards degree requirements., and a “C” or better in MATH 1021 or higher and ENGL 1001 (ENGL 1004 for international students). Courses considered higher than MATH 1021 are MATH 1022, 1023, 1431, and 1550.  
  • Students transferring from another institution must also meet university transfer admission requirements as detailed on the Undergraduate Admissions website.
    Students interested in applying to LSU, or reapplying to LSU, may view the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website for details on admissions requirements. Additional information may also be found in the LSU General Catalog

Changing Majors/Concentrations/Minors

I'm in the College of Agriculture and want to change to a different major within the College of Agriculture. What should I do?

Come to 106 Woodin Hall to complete a change of major form. You should meet with your new faculty advisor prior to scheduling for the next semester.

I'm not currently a College of Agriculture student, but would like to change to a major in the College of Agriculture. What should I do?

Students wishing to change colleges may do so after final grades for the current semester are posted and before the last day to add courses in the next semester for which they enroll. Come to room 106 Woodin Hall to complete an enrollment card during this timeframe. You may meet with an advisor in your intended major prior to officially changing into the college. You may also refer to the CATS recommended path for advising help.

How do I change my major to something in a different college?

If you would like to change your major to something outside of the College of Agriculture, you can meet with your intended college to discuss entrance requirements, the application procedure, and scheduling for your new major. Please refer to the catalog for admission requirements to the other senior colleges on campus.

I am in the College of Agriculture, and would like to add a minor. Where do I go?

Come to room 106 Woodin Hall and complete a form.

Transfer Students

How do transfer students plan their schedule for their first semester at LSU?

Transfer students are encouraged to register for Transfer Orientation at the beginning of their first semester at LSU. Incoming transfer students may contact the curriculum coordinator for their major before transfer orientation to discuss their transfer credit and schedule. Keep in mind that curriculum coordinators may not be able to advise which courses to take until transfer credit has been evaluated by the academic departments.

How do courses transfer?

Incoming students should consult the Tiger Transfer Tables to see how their coursework will transfer to LSU. If the institution or course is not listed on the Tiger Transfer Tables, it will need to be evaluated by the appropriate LSU academic department. Students should submit all transcripts, course descriptions, and requested materials to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible, after which their credit will be evaluated automatically.  LSU does not accept remedial or technical college coursework. Even if coursework transfers to LSU, it is possible it will not apply to a student’s degree program.

I am currently attending a different institution but plan to transfer to LSU in the future. How do I know what courses to schedule at my current institution so they’ll apply to my major at LSU?

There are several online resources available to help you plan accordingly for your transition to LSU. The Tiger Transfer Tables and the General Catalog will be extremely useful tools to assist with course selection and degree plans for any major at LSU. Visit the transfer student FAQ page for more information.


When is my priority scheduling period?

Scheduling priorities are determined based on a student’s number of credit hours completed.  For a complete list of all priorities, including the dates and times scheduling becomes available to various groups, please consult the appropriate schedule booklet.

When is the last day to add/drop with or without a "W" or to resign?

Deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar, provided by the University Registrar.

When is the last day to pay fees?

Students receive an email via their MyLSU when Fee Bills are published. You will be able to obtain your balance due via MyLSU at that time. To obtain your balance via MyLSU, select “Fee Bill” under the Registration Services heading on your MyLSU desktop. The due date of remittance of fees will be printed at the bottom of your Fee Bill.

What is the Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS)?

CATS is designed to help students reach academic success at LSU and make sure that they are progressing toward graduation each semester. Students must meet the critical tracking requirements within the Recommended Paths to demonstrate minimal progress toward degree completion. Critical tracking requirements typically include both critical courses and minimum GPA requirements. The critical requirements for a given semester are located at the top of a student's recommended path. Additionally, all critical requirements are listed on the top line of each semester, and appear in bold throughout the Recommended Paths. Students may view their CATS status in myLSU by clicking “CATS Status” under the Student Services heading.

MyLSU says I have a hold. What should I do?

You may determine which University office placed the hold on your account by accessing your MyLSU account and selecting the "Holds" link. Holds can be placed if a graduation date has not been declared, if you are re-entering the University, if you are a first semester transfer student, if you have not completed graduation checkout, if you are on scholastic warning or probation, if you’re in a major which requires advising each semester or if you are not following your major curriculum. If your hold was placed by a different unit on campus, please contact that office. Other offices that may place holds include the Dean of Students Office and the Health Center.

The course I need is full and someone recommended waitlisting. What is waitlisting and how do I join a Waitlist?

Online waitlists are a way for students to get open seats in full sections without having to spend all day, and night, trying to add.  When students drop out of a full section, or its department opens seats, students are automatically moved off the section’s waitlist to fill the class.  Being on a waitlist does not guarantee that you will get the class, but once a waitlist is turned on it is about the only way you can grab an open seat.  It is critical that you regularly monitor your position on a waitlist to determine if you need to add an alternative course.  Students will use the Schedule Request link in their MyLSU desktop to join waitlists and will be automatically moved off of the lists and into courses as spaces become available.

How many "Ws" (course withdrawals) do I have available to use?

The number of Ws students are allowed to receive is determined by the hours students have earned to date.

Tier Hours Ws Allowed
0-59 3
60-119 3


To see which tier they’re in, students may check the W Grade Status Link under the MyLSU Registration Services Application.

My classes were purged/dropped. What can I do?

If purged/dropped from classes before the last day to add, students may re-add their courses using MyLSU. Please note that it may not be possible to re-build your original schedule. College of Agriculture students who have had their classes purged/dropped after the last day to add must go to the Office of Student Services in 106 Woodin Hall to request a late registration. Note: The Office of Student Services is not authorized to override students into full classes.

If I need to drop all of my classes for the semester, what should I do?

Students who drop all of their classes prior to the first day of class may cancel their registration and receive a 100% refund, but they must reapply to reenter LSU before they can register for a subsequent semester.  Once classes have started, students may voluntarily resign from LSU through the final day for resigning as designated in the Academic Calendar. To cancel or resign, College of Agriculture students must go to the Office of Student Services in 106 Woodin Hall to initiate the appropriate paperwork.

I haven't met the prerequisite for a class. Can I take it anyway?

If you schedule a course and do not meet all prerequisites or corequisites, your enrollment in that course may be canceled.

How do I enroll in “Permission of Department” or “Permission of Instructor” courses?

You may not schedule a permission of department (“PERMIS OF DEPT”) course using MyLSU.  Contact the department (not the Office of Student Services) that offers the course for information. If your enrollment is approved, the department will add the course to your schedule. Students may add Permission of Instructor courses (“PERMIS OF INST.”) via MyLSU, however enrollment in the class will be “pending” until the instructor reviews and approves the student’s request.

I need more hours than myLSU is allowing me to schedule. What can I do?

For fall/spring, all students are initially allowed to schedule 17 hours. After all students have had the opportunity to schedule, credit hour maxima are automatically reset to 19 hours unless you are on academic probation. If you feel that you have circumstances that warrant taking more than the allowable number of hours, come to 106 Woodin Hall.
For the summer term, students are allowed to schedule 12 hours, with a maximum of 6 hours being in session B.
For all intersessions, the credit hour maximum is 4 hours.

What is the Grade Exclusion Policy and how do I use it?

Students may improve the undergraduate LSU and cumulative GPAs by repeating a maximum of three courses (up to 12 hours) in which a grade of “D” or “F” was received and requesting that the repeat grade be the only one that is used in the calculation.  Students must invoke the Grade Exclusion Policy in person in the College of Agriculture Office of Student Services in 106 Woodin Hall by the last day to add for the semester in which they are retaking the course. For a full list of rules and restrictions regarding this policy, visit the registrar’s Grade Exclusion Policy webpage

Independent Study/Correspondence

What is the College's policy on taking courses through Online Distance Learning?

To request to enroll in online distance learning, print off all necessary paperwork from the independent and distance learning website, and bring the completed forms to 106 Woodin Hall to discuss taking one or more courses..

Under no circumstances will a student in the last 30 hours of their degree program be allowed to enroll in independent and distance learning courses.

Can I cross-enroll in a class that is currently offered at LSU?

No. If a course is offered at LSU, you must take it at LSU. If you feel you have circumstances that warrant cross enrollment, please come to room 106 Woodin Hall.

How do I register for cross enrollment courses?

Come to 106 Woodin Hall.

Can I cross-enroll in a class that I have failed at LSU?

No. Classes failed at LSU can only be repeated within the LSU System.


How do I know when my finals are being held?

The Final Exam Schedule is published each semester on the Office of the University Registrar website.

I have 3 finals in a 24 hr period/2 finals at same time. What can I do?

College of Agriculture students having 3 or more finals in a 24 hour period or 2 finals at the same time may request to reschedule an exam. Come to 106 Woodin Hall prior to the deadline for rescheduling a final to complete the necessary paperwork.

My exam is being held at a time other than the schedule dictates. What can I do?

Instructors are not allowed to make changes in the final exam schedule without the permission of The Office of Academic Affairs. Speak with your instructor to clarify the exam date.

General Education Requirements

How do I know what general education requirements are needed for my major?

Review your CATS recommended path and/or degree audit.

Where can I find courses that are considered general education courses?

Your degree audit will list all options to fulfill your general education requirements. You may also view all general education courses in the online General Catalog. 


How do I declare or change my graduation date?

You may declare/change your graduation date on your MyLSU account. If you are within a year of graduating, please come to 106 Woodin Hall to declare your graduation date.

Where and when can I get information about graduation?

Commencement and Diploma Ceremony information can be found on the LSU website by visiting the Commencement Homepage. Also, students on the current semester graduation list will receive information via email from the College of Agriculture.

What is a senior checkout and when do I complete one?

The semester before graduation, College of Agriculture students will be contacted to come in and complete a senior checkout. A senior checkout includes completing a diploma information sheet, and reviewing your degree audit to ensure you are aware of all remaining courses to graduate. Senior checkouts are typically completed one to two weeks before scheduling begins for the following semester. It is very important to keep your graduation date accurate on myLSU, as you could potentially miss out on important graduation deadlines if your graduation date is not correct. Your faculty advisor cannot declare or modify your graduation date for you.

Financial Aid/TOPS/Scholarships

I have questions about financial aid/TOPS/University scholarships. Where should I go?

Go to the Financial Aid and Scholarships website or visit their office in 1146 Pleasant Hall.

I have questions about College of Agriculture scholarships.

Visit the Scholarships & TOPS link on this site.

I have questions about departmental scholarships.

Visit your department’s website, talk to your advisor, and be on the lookout for emails from your department


The deadline has passed for dropping classes/adding classes/resigning/canceling registration, but I need to do it anyway. Or I want to drop a class, but I don't have a "W" available. What can I do?

College of Agriculture students should come to room 106 Woodin Hall to pick up the appropriate appeals paperwork. We will explain the procedure, and answer any questions you may have. Upon completing all necessary paperwork, appeals are forwarded to the Appeal Committee for review.

I have failed a class twice, and MyLSU tells me to see my Dean's Office. What can I do?

College of Agriculture students should come to room 106 Woodin Hall and complete a form requesting to repeat a course for the third time. Approval is not guaranteed.

I have been scholastically dropped from the University. What can I do?

If you are dropped from the university, you will receive an email with instructions on appealing the drop. Please follow all instructions in the email.

I received an email saying that I have been dropped from the College of Agriculture. What does that mean and what can I do?

Students are dropped from the college after two consecutive regular semesters (fall, spring) of a semester GPA below and 2.0 AND the LSU and/or cumulative GPA has dropped below a 2.0. Students who have been dropped from the college will receive an email with instructions on how to appeal to remain in the college. Alternatively, students may choose to seek admissions to the University Center for Advising and Counseling (UCAC).