KhanalChuramani Khanal

Graduate Student
Major Professor: Drs. Edward C. McGawley and Charles Overstreet


2015-present: PhD Student, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
2012-2014: Master of Science, the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR (Research advisor: Robert T. Robins)
2006-2010: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, plant pathology major, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Chitwan, Nepal



Professional services and activities

  • Member, The Society of Nematologists,  2013 to present           
  • Member, The American Phytopathological Society, 2013-2014
  • Instructor, Rapti Technical School, Dang, Nepal, 2011-2012       


Khanal, C., R. T. Robbins, E. C. McGawley, and C. Overstreet. 2015. Meloidogyne spp. associated with soybean in Arkansas. Proceedings of Southern Soybean Disease Workers

Khanal, C., and R. T. Robbins. 2014. Meloidogyne partityla, a root-knot species new to Arkansas. Phytopathology 104(Suppl. 2):S2.6

Khanal, C., W. Ye, and R. T. Robbins. 2014. A new record of Meloidogyne partityla and an unknown species of Punctodera from Arkansas. Phytopathology 104(Suppl. 3):S3.59

Khanal, C., and R.T. Robbins. 2013. Expanded host range of Heterodera urticae from Arkansas. Journal of Nematology 45:284-285

Recent activities

  • Oral presentation on “Meloidogyne spp. Reported from Arkansas: Past and present” at 2015 Society of Nematologists Meeting
  • Oral presentation on “Meloidogyne spp. associated with soybean in Arkansas” at 2015 Southern Soybean Disease Workers meeting
  • Poster presentation on “A new record of Meloidogyne partityla and an unknown species of Punctodera from Arkansas” at 2014 APS Annual Meeting
  • Participated in graduate student oral competition organized by Gamma Sigma Delta, University of Arkansas on March 12, 2014
  • Oral presentation on “Meloidogyne partityla, a new species to Arkansas” at 2014 APS Southern Division Meeting
  • Poster presentation on “expanded host range of Heterodora urticae from Arkansas” at  2013 Annual Society of Nematologists meeting