The LSU College of Agriculture pilots the Diversity and Inclusion Champions program

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Diversity and Inclusion Champion, Gina Eubanks, speaks with a college of agriculture student about how to meet with their champion.
Annabelle Stokes, Communications Coordinator, LSU College of Agriculture

(03/31/2021) BATON ROUGE — The LSU College of Agriculture launched its pilot program for Diversity and Inclusion Champions in January 2021. The initiative was designed to bridge students to faculty and staff within their respective departments and schools. 

“Our faculty are critical to serving the needs of our ever-growing, diverse student body. The Diversity and Inclusion Champions exemplify the college’s unyielding commitment to diversity and inclusion,” said Monica Guient, assistant vice president for diversity, inclusion and opportunity for the LSU AgCenter and College of Agriculture.

Diversity and Inclusion Champions will serve as a point of contact for students and fellow faculty in the College of Agriculture. The role is intended for faculty members of the LSU AgCenter and College of Agriculture community who are engaged with minority and underrepresented student groups.

The champions have hosted coffee chats, guest lectured and attended College of Agriculture events throughout the spring semester to engage with students. 

Guient emphasis that the college’s students are the co-creators of the inclusive space that they envision. These faculty serve as mentors, confidants, and advocates for students in their respective departments.

“Creating a diverse and inclusive educational environment requires that everyone has a seat at the table,” said Guient.

The 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Champions selected for the pilot program:

  • Trina Biswas, Department of Agricultural Economics and Business
  • Kristin Stair, Department of Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation
  • Vinicius Moreira, School of Animal Sciences
  • Gina Eubanks, School of Animal Sciences
  • Kun-Jun Han, School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences
  • Hallie Dozier, School of Renewable Natural Resources
  • Erin McKinley, School of Nutrition and Food Sciences 
  • Brandy Jones, School of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Casey Stannard, Department of Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising
  • Thanos Gentimis, Department of Experimental Statistics
  • Teddy Garcia Aroca, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology
  • Rodrigo Diaz, Department of Entomology

These faculty members with serve as Champions for one calendar year. Learn more about the Diversity and Inclusion Champions program.

Annabelle Stokes, Communications Coordinator,