World Travels


The LSU College of Agriculture offers many opportunities across the globe including study abroad, internships and field study experiences.
romph australia
"The nature and wildlife environment here is insane-- tons of different kinds of birds just on our campus."
--Chelsea Romph, Natural Resoucre Ecology and Management
ashiru china
"There's so much art in the culture there, and for an artsy person there is a lot to pull from."
--Sakeenah Ashiru, Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising
roig czech
Czech Republic
"My experience in the Czech Republic was quite positive. I feel welcomed by staff, have ample opportunities to explore the city as well as neighboring countries and enjoy the experiences of working and living with people from all over the world."
--Cameron Roig, Agricultural Business
kelley fiji
"Life, I would say, is simpler. There's a saying I learned on my first day arriving and that is everything is on Fiji time."
--Sean Kelley, Environmental Management Systems
lauren greece
"This trip allowed me to see, experience and observe so much that I never would have if I hadn't gone in an academic setting."
--Lauren Martin, Nutrition and Food Sciences
scott honduras
"The hospitality of the people was really impressive. They invitied us into their homes and gave us food and fresh coffee."
--Morrill Scott, Plant and Soil Systems
malbrough mozambique
"It was great to disconnect. The mentality there was so different and their resources so vast."
--Brandy Malbrough, Natural Resource Ecology and Management
wall nicaragua
"It was a breathtaking experience that allowed a look in to agriculture and environmental policy, conservation effors, fruit production and hands-on encounter with a young spider money."
--Christen Wall, Agriculture and Extension Education
arthur poland

"Being able to study abroad in poland has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life! I will never forget our time in Poland and the skills and knowledge gained while there."
--Peyton Arthur, Agriculture and Extension Education
agard slovakia
"There is a lot of opportunity in that region for young students like us who want to go abroad and share our knowledge of agriculture."
--Alexis Agard, Agricultural Business
burruss swaziland
"Once I got there, I realized I never really thought about what I expected, but it exceeded anyhting I could have imagined. The people, the culture, the animals, it was amazing."
--Alexis Burruss, Natural Resource Ecology and Manangment
smith thailand
"Travelling around central Thailand for three weeks studying sustainable agriculture was an incredible experience that plunged me into a completely foreign culture, landscape and way of life."
--Madelyn Smith, Natural Resource Ecology and Management