Tiger Tales, Meet Rutherford 

rutherfold eubanksAllen Rutherford joined the College in January as the Interim Associate Dean, but has been at LSU for more than 31 years. During his time here he has moved through the ranks from assistant professor to full professor with a long research, teaching, and outreach record. He currently serves as the Director of the School of Renewable Natural Resources and Interim Department Head of Experimental Statistics. Previously he has served as Interim Head for Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Food Science, and the Interim Director of the merged School of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Allen and his wife, Cyndy were raised in south Texas, but now consider Baton Rouge home. Cyndy is a 40-year veteran elementary school teacher and currently teaches third grade. Allen and Cyndy have two daughters that have master’s degrees in community counseling from LSU and both practice in Baton Rouge. They enjoy spending time with their girls and beautiful granddaughter.


What drew you to the Louisiana University and the College of Agriculture?

As a fish ecologist, I came to LSU to study fishes and water quality in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers, and to teach Ichthyology and Biology of Fishes. Over the years, I served on many departmental, AgCenter, and LSU committees and spent 15 years as the Graduate Coordinator for the School of Renewable Natural Recourses. Several years ago I decided to realign my efforts to administration and became Director of the School. I love teaching and research, but believe that administration is where programmatic-level impacts can be made. I enjoy making processes work efficiently, and although I haven’t been in the College very long, my goal is to make a difference.


What advice do you have for students?

If you learn nothing else while you are here, become a time management expert! I believe the basis for success in most things we do is blocking time for things you need to do and things you want to do. Your primary job here is to learn, but there are other activities you will want to, and should be involved in. Active time management will allow you to set aside daily time to study, as well as work, read, exercise, meditate, recreate, and volunteer. Give it a try!


What is your favorite part of your job?

I’ve always enjoyed interacting with students, staff, faculty, and administrators. I believe that understanding people and their needs can help them be successful. Whether it’s a student in class, a staff member working on accounts, a faculty member with research concerns, or an administrator with critical needs, I work to understand their issues and try to determine a way to help.


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