Tiger Tales Meet Rocio 

Rocio Lopez joined the college in March 2017 as our coordinator of international relations.  She was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and has lived in Baton Rouge since 2012. Lopez graduated from LSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and minor in sociology in 2015 and Master's in Human Resources and Education in 2016                              

What drew you to the Louisiana University and the College of Agriculture? 

I have a long family tradition with LSU. Everyone from my parents, uncles, aunts and cousins have studied at LSU, which means I have bled purple and gold since I have memory! I first came to LSU for my bachelor's, but within a semester, I felt in love with the campus, people, and the city. After completing my studies, I decided to extend my stay and pursue my master's in human resources.

Having an international background and coming from a country in which agriculture is the base of our economy, working here at the College of Agriculture was perfect for me! By traveling, I have learned things I would have never been able to otherwise. Being part of the college helps me share the importance of internationalizing our students and the benefits and amazing memories this can bring. And there is not a better way to do this than through agriculture, a field that can be observed in every part of the world!

What advice do you have for future students?

Sit towards the front of the class. This will improve your grade, encourage interaction and your recognition with the professor. If you have a question, ask. Take advantage of office hours, they are there for a reason. It is your chance to get one-on-one help from a qualified professor. Explore your interests and take time to become the most amazing version of yourself! College is the time where you can develop your skills and character. There is an endless amount of resources, friends, family, like-minded peers, advisors, programs, etc. to help you. Take advantage of the different opportunities available to you -- clubs, organizations, internships, study abroad programs, traveling abroad and the many different events that go on around campus every week. In the College of Agriculture, we have the best interest of our students. Besides being your instructors, advisors, mentors and friends, we hope to become your family at LSU.

What is your favorite part of the job?

The favorite part of my job is having the opportunity to interact with the students. I strongly believe it is important to make a genuine connection with the student. I cherish those moments in which I get to know a student’s aspiration and knowing that they have been helped.