Tiger Tales, Meet Karol
kosborneKarol Osborne serves a dual role as a recruiter for the College of Agriculture covering the northern half of the state and a reporter for the LSU AgCenter communications department. She joined the College of Agriculture recently after having served as a youth development agent with AgCenter for 25 years. A Louisiana native, Karol holds a B.S. degree from LSU in the clothing and textiles field, and an M.S. from ULM in exercise science with a concentration in advanced nutrition. She has a daughter, Hilary, who lives and works in Mandeville, and a step-daughter Brooke, who lives in Houston with her husband, Chris. Her passion is anything creative, from developing curriculum and marketing materials to sewing, knitting, crafting and collecting.

What drew you to LSU and the CoA?

Having worked for LSU for so many years, and having lived and worked in Baton Rouge during and after my college years, LSU is home. Every time I roll in to Dalrymple Drive I get absolutely giddy about being back on campus! LSU is so exciting because so much is happening all the time. And it isn’t all about game day, believe me. I love the art exhibits in the student union, browsing the book store, checking out the lecture series and special performances, visiting the museums, and just soaking in the unique culture that is only found at LSU. And when the crepe myrtles and azaleas are in bloom; well, there isn’t a more beautiful campus on the planet.

What advice do you have for future students?

Put yourself out there in a big way! Meet people, network with classmates, join student organizations, and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to experience campus life. And the most important thing…sit in the front of the class! Be visible, and participatory. Your professors will notice, more opportunities will likely open up for you, and it will make a huge difference in your student performance.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love being on the road, meeting students, and learning more about their dreams and aspirations. It is inspiring to experience so much enthusiasm in young people. You are the future of our nation and world. It has been an honor and privilege to have worked with so many young people in my career as an extension agent. From the first-year fourth-graders joining 4-H, seeing them grow and develop citizenship and leadership skills, serving as counselors, presenters and teachers, and working in their communities to make the best better. I have had the most fulfilling career experience anyone could have. And now, I have the unique opportunity to be a part of the next step, offering guidance to future college graduates who will become successful citizens and make a positive difference in our communities, country and world. And with every single student, I get to re-experience the excitement I felt as an in-coming freshman at LSU. It’s contagious!