Frazier and Roussel: Champion Ag Leaders


bradtateYou can't go to a LSU College of Agriculture event without seeing either Brad Frazier (left) or Tate Roussel. Chances are you will see both. You will also find the two students working behind the scenes to prepare for recruitment trips, students service projects or alumni gatherings. It's part of their responsibilities as student workers in the college's recruitment office, but it was work they were doing simply for their love of the college before they were even hired. 

Frazier serves as president of the Agriculture Student Association and is the former president of the college's Les Voyageurs, a growing group of student ambassadors.frazier

Frazier calls the ASA a central hub for students and the organization and a bridge to College of Agriculture alumni. 

"Our goal is to make LSU smaller so it can be easier for students to find their niche," Frazier said.

The association also helps other Ag organizations with conferences and events, and is providing opportunities for students to network with future employers.

RousselRoussel is the incoming president of the Les Voyageurs and is excited about the upcoming school year. 

"This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Les Voyageurs," Roussel said. "It will be great to see where the organization has been and how much further we can go." 

Roussel, who is studying agriculture and extension education, grew up around agriculture. He was very active in 4-H and says he wants to advocate for agriculture so that people can see the connection to ag in almost everything. 

Frazier doesn't have a traditional agriculture background, but says he is studying natural resource ecology and management to give wildlife a voice and to protect them for future generations.