Tiger Tales, Your Future tiger Henry Herbert 

HenryThis month we will introduce you to Henry Hebert, manager of recruitment for the College of Agriculture. Born in Louisiana, Henry grew up in Mississippi and holds a degree in public relations from Mississippi College. Prior to coming to LSU, Henry worked as an admissions counselor at Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia and served as the assistant scholarship coordinator at Hinds Community College in Raymond, Mississippi. Along with his Miniature American Shepherd, Deacon, Henry is thrilled to be back in Louisiana and working at LSU – Geaux Tigers!

What drew you to LSU and the College of Agriculture?

My family bleeds purple and gold! With many family members in the Baton Rouge area, many of which are LSU alumni, I was immersed in LSU tradition and culture at a young age. For generations my family has been deeply rooted in agriculture with a primary focus on beef cattle production. My father, an LSU alumni (Agricultural Business ’78), started me off at an early age showing cattle, and I was hooked! That led to many years of livestock shows across the country and being involved in 4-H and FFA – both programs that heavily influenced my life. Since then I have worked across the South doing admissions and student recruitment work. When the opportunity came to combine my recruitment background with my passion for agriculture and LSU, it was a perfect fit!


What advice do you have for future students?

LSU will challenge you academically, grow you as a person and young professional, introduce you to some of the most amazing people out there, and induct you into one of the proudest and most passionate families in the world. However, to take full advantage of your time at LSU, you have to immerse yourself into the university and get involved! Opportunities await around every corner here at LSU. Whether you are interested in undergraduate research, networking through the over 300 clubs and organizations, interning at some of the most prominent businesses and corporations in the industry, or exploring the world through one of the many study abroad programs offered – take advantage of each opportunity during your time at LSU. The College of Agriculture faculty are cornerstones of your academic experience, but their impression on your life will last longer than the class they teach. Not only experts in their fields, our faculty have a passion for working with students and training the next generation of agricultural leaders. With that said, get to know them! Our professors want to get to know you and share their experiences with you. Stop by during office hours, grab an ice cream at the Dairy Store, or just visit with them after class – they will become more than just your professor, but a friend and mentor for life!


What is your favorite part of your job?

Working with my students and their families will always be the highlight of my job! I am constantly inspired and impressed by the students I meet on the road, on campus, or across the country at various events. I work with many of my students for more than a year which allows me to really get to know them and guide them down the right path. My goal is to help students find their passion in life, so when my recruits come back to let me know how much they are enjoying their major and classes I know I am making a difference. Second only to the people I meet on the road is the opportunity to travel this beautiful state. My job allows me to get off of the beaten bath and explore cities that many have never heard of – yet alone visited! From finding scenery or structures that are worthy of a roadside picture, to discovering some of the best food in the state, let me know of the “must-do’s” in your home town!


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