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In the Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness, we believe an internship experience can be a valuable part of the academic training and an important component of the student's preparation for future employment. It is an opportunity for students to learn more about a specific agribusiness organization and the 'real world' activities and responsibilities that individuals within that organization face on a daily basis.

Frequently asked questions

An agribusiness internship is a practical learning experience in an agribusiness firm or organization that deals with the type of work you hope to enter into upon completion of your academic degree. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between your formal classroom learning and the professional world. In an ideal internship, you would be assigned tasks and responsibilities that allow you to observe and participate in various operations of the organization. You would be encouraged to ask questions of the organization, and to contribute your ideas and input toward the objectives of the organization. In return, you receive valuable work experience and college credit toward your academic degree.

The primary reason to participate in an internship program is for you to learn more about the career area you wish to pursue. An internship enables you to discover which aspects of an organization’s activities best suit you, e.g., purchasing, sales, market research, public relations, etc. In addition, learning that you don’t like a particular area of an organization’s operation can be a valuable learning experience. An internship also allows you to apply concepts you have learned in the agribusiness curriculum. It can also give you an edge in the job market. Quality work experience looks good on your resume and a good letter of recommendation from your supervisor may open a few doors. In some cases, an internship may also lead to permanent employment with the participating company.

You should be thinking about participating in an internship near the middle to end of your academic curriculum. You need enough formal training and knowledge about your career interests to benefit from an internship experience. You must be willing and able to handle the responsibilities of career-oriented employment. This means you must be able to conduct yourself in a mature, responsible and professional manner. Remember, during an internship, you will be dealing with professionals in the business community and will be representing Louisiana State University.

You can participate in an internship during any academic term, although the summer term is the most common for an agribusiness internship. Some internships may require a substantial time commitment. Because of this, you might want to arrange an internship only for semesters when your course load is light.



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For current internship opportunities, please check the Agribusiness Newsletter that Dr. Biswas sends out.