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If you are interested in pursuing a career in the dynamic, ever-growing, and international agricultural business industry, we recommend that you take a look at LSU’s undergraduate B.S. degree in Agricultural Business and the minor in Agricultural Business.  Agricultural business accounts for over half of the global economy and employs approximately one quarter of Americans. 

You can:  (1) major in Agricultural Business with no specific area of concentration; (2) major in Agricultural Business with one of four areas of concentration including Agribusiness Finance, Food Industry Management, International Business, or Rural Development; or (3) major in another field and minor in Agricultural Business. 

B.S. in Agricultural Business

Option with no Area of Concentration

This option is recommended for students who want to major in Agricultural Business, but desire the greatest flexibility to design their curriculum to best suit their specific career goals. With up to 12 hours of general electives, 9 hours of Agricultural Business electives, and 9 hours of College of Agriculture electives, students have the option of taking courses in a number of different areas of specific interest or minoring in many other fields without exceeding the 120-hour minimum requirement for the Agricultural Business degree.

Concentration Options

Agribusiness Finance area of concentration

This area of concentration is recommended for Agricultural Business students who desire a career in either the investment industry or in real estate.

Food Industry Management area of concentration

This area of concentration is designed to provide students with a greater understanding of the food industry sector and with the skills that meet the needs of businesses that operate in the food industry.

International Business area of concentration

This area of concentration is recommended for Agricultural Business students who desire a career in the international trade and marketing of agricultural products.

Rural Development area of concentration

This area of concentration prepares students for careers focusing on economic development issues in rural communities.

Minor in Agricultural Business

The minor in Agricultural Business is recommended for majors in other fields who desire a greater understanding of business concepts applied to the agricultural and food sector.


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Curriculum in Agricultural Business

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