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Course Number Course Description Credits/Semester Offered
AGEC 1003

Introduction to Agricultural Business

Nature and scope of agribusiness; application of management and marketing concepts to selected agribusiness problems; exploring agribusiness management as a profession.

3/ Fall
AGEC 2003

Introduction to Agricultural Economics [General Education Course]

Role of agriculture in the general economy; economic principles applied to agricultural production, marketing, consumption and policy problems.

3/ Fall-Spring
AGEC 2700

 Special Topics in Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness

Several 1-3 credit hour courses will be offered to complement and enhance students’ comprehension of material from other Agricultural Economics and business classes.

 1-3/ Fall-Spring
AGEC 3003

Economic Analysis in Agricultural Business

Prereq.: grade of “C” or above in [AGEC 2003 and ECON 2030] or [ECON 2000 and ECON 2010] or equivalent; MATH 1431 or MATH 1550.

Applications of graphical, mathematical and computer-based microeconomic analysis to problems in the production and marketing of food and agricultural products.

3/ Fall
AGEC 3203

Agricultural Commodity Marketing and Risk Management

Prereq.: Grade of “C” or above in AGEC 2003 and ECON 2030, or ECON 2000 and ECON 2010, or equivalent.

Description and analysis of agricultural and interdependent commodity markets within the food and fiber systems of domestic and international markets; enhancing understanding of market structure and risk management on farms and in agribusiness through a simulated futures trading experience where quantitative and qualitative methods are used to manage risk in commodity portfolios.

3/ Spring
AGEC 3303

Farm Management

Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent.

Fundamental economic and business principles applied to a farm business; comprehensive and integrated treatment of management concepts for successful operation of a farm business.

 3/ Fall-odd
AGEC 3413

Agricultural Business Management Decisions

Prereq.: grade of “C” or above in AGEC 2003 and ECON 2030 or ECON 2000 and ECON 2010 or equivalent.

Identification of typical decisions of agricultural business firms; development of concepts, procedures and analyses that facilitate planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling functions within agricultural business firms.

3/ Fall
AGEC 3503

Natural Resource Economics

Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent.

Economic rationale for collective, public action in allocation of natural resources in agriculture; emphasis on economic efficiency, property rights, resource use, legal concepts, institutions and project evaluation.

3/ Spring
AGEC 3700


Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent and approval of department head. May be taken for a max. of 3 sem. hrs. of credit.

Supervised career-oriented experience with a business or organization in the food and fiber system.

AGEC 3803

Agricultural Law

Principles of law and their application to agricultural business firms and institutions; legal processes and relationships relevant to agriculture; Louisiana Civil Code and statutes; federal law, including bankruptcy code; analysis and review of cases, documents, and processes.

3/ Fall-odd
AGEC 4203

Intermediate Food and Fiber Products

Prereq.: AGEC 3003 or equivalent.

Industrial organization analysis applied to the food and fiber system; emphasis on structural problems and their control by competition, antitrust and government.

 3/ Fall-even
AGEC 4243

Food Products Marketing

Prereq.: Grade of “C” or above in AGEC 2003 and ECON 2030, or ECON 2000 and ECON 2010; MKT 3401.

An overview of the food marketing system; marketing, management, and economic principles as applied to branded food products; formulation and implementation of marketing plans for branded food products.

 3/ Spring-odd
AGEC 4273

Agricultural Price Analysis

Prereq.: grade of “C” or above in [AGEC 2003 and ECON 2030] or [ECON 2000 and ECON 2010] or equivalent; MATH 1431 or MATH 1550; and EXST 2201 or ISDS 2001.

Economic processes of price discovery and price determination in agricultural input and output markets; emphasis on methods of price analysis and their application to decision processes; analysis of cyclical, trend and seasonal movements in prices.

3/ Spring
AGEC 4403

Agricultural Finance

Prereq.: grade of “C” or above in ACCT 2000 or ACCT 2001 or equivalent; grade of “C” or above in AGEC 2003 and ECON 2030, or ECON 2000 and ECON 2010 or equivalent.

Capital acquisition and use in the agricultural sector; cost and availability of credit; emphasis on financial management concepts for managing growth, leverage, liquidity, risk and capital investment in agricultural business.

3/ Fall
AGEC 4433

Agricultural Business Planning, Management, and Policy

Prereq.: senior standing; AGEC 3003,AGEC 3203, AGEC 3413; MKT 3401; MGT 3200; and BLAW 3200 or BLAW 3201.

Integration of management, marketing and financial concepts for successful planning and implementation of agricultural business decisions; feasibility analysis, marketing policy, personnel policy, marketing mix, pricing decisions, market segmentation, marketing strategy and financial policy.

3/ Spring
AGEC 4443

Farm and Rural Appraisal

Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Not for graduate AGEC degree credit.

Theory, methods and procedures of real estate appraisal applied to rural property; trends in rural real estate values; factors influencing rural real estate values; approaches used in rural real estate valuation.


3/ Fall
AGEC 4603

Agricultural Policy

Prereq.: grade of “C” or above in AGEC 2003 and ECON 2030, or ECON 2000 and ECON 2010 or equivalent.

Role of agriculture in the national economy; how agricultural policy decisions affect the general public; emphasis on economic impacts of policies on producers and consumers of agricultural products; effects of other nations’ policies on American agriculture.

3/ Fall
AGEC 4613

Agricultural Trade

Prereq.: AGEC 3003 or equivalent.

Structure, trade and practices in exporting and importing regions and nations; policies of major agricultural trading nations and institutions; aid, development relationships and current development trade policy.

3/ Spring-odd
AGEC 4623

Rural Resource and Community Development

Prereq.: AGEC 3003 or permission of instructor.

Characteristics of developed and undeveloped rural areas; analysis of economic and related problems and potential for development; public policy issues concerning rural development.

 3/ Spring-even
AGEC 4700

Problems in Agricultural Economics

Prereq.: approval of department head. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary.

Independent study under the direction of a faculty member or faculty committee.



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