LSU CoA--Global AgHour "Agritourism"

AgHour March 2017

AgEcon students meet Slovak students and discuss agritourism.

Alexis Agard, Sarah Bernard and Cameron Roig represented the LSU Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness as Global Ag Ambassadors and had the opportunity to interact with students from Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA). This year, eight students from the university in Nitra, Slovakia, visited LSU during a study visit March 3-17.

One of the highlights of the visit was the Global Ag Hour. Students form a panel and use a common theme to 'talk agriculture'. For this visit, the topic selected was Agritourism. Lukáš Sýkora and Filip Valentini from SUA joined Alexis Agard and Vanessa Thibodeaux from LSU to present information about agritourism operations in Slovakia and Louisiana and discuss benefits of engaging in agritourism activities.



For more information please read the article by Tobie Blanchard: Slovak students visit LSU, learn about agriculture.