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Teaching in Formal Education

This curriculum provides students with agricultural content knowledge paired with expertise in teaching methods, curriculum development and educational strategies. Students in this program will learn how to be experts in the classroom while working with the Louisiana FFA Association and supervising student agricultural experiences.

Career Possibilities: Teaching agriculture in a formal classroom setting (grades 6-12)*, Extension service youth programs manager, 4-H coordinator, teaching in other relevant content areas

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Agricultural Leadership and Development

This broad-based curriculum encompasses all areas of agriculture and prepares students for  informal instruction among a general population or to work in leadership positions within agricultural industries. Unique opportunities for professional and leadership development coupled with hands-on learning in various areas of Agriculture will prepare you to communicate your passion for agriculture throughout the country.

Career Possibilities: Extension service work, agricultural education for business, industry or government, 4-H and youth development education, agriculture communications, economic and community development, organizational training, policy development, graduate or professional school.

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Internship or Teaching Experience

All students in AEEE complete an internship or an assigned student teaching experience. For details about these experiences, please see the Internship Handbook and Student Teaching Handbook.

Internship Handbook

Student Teaching Handbook

*The Agricultural Education B.S. program meets the educational eligibility criteria for certification in Agriculture Education Grades K-12 in the State of Louisiana. Graduates of this Louisiana state-approved teacher preparation program will qualify for a Level 1 Professional Certificate. Graduates of the program who wish to teach in another U.S. state or country may require additional eligibility criteria to qualify for licensure and/or certification in those locations. We are unable to confirm the licensure and/or certification requirements of other states or countries. Therefore, if you intend to pursue such credentialing in another state or elsewhere, it is advised that you contact the applicable state or country credentialing authority to familiarize yourself with its specific requirements and determine if this program meets the applicable eligibility criteria. If you have additional questions in this regard, please contact aeee@lsu.edu to assist you in your career planning.

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