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Graduate Programs

Masters program

The Master of Science in Agricultural and Extension Education provides opportunities for career advancement for individuals in formal* and non-formal agricultural education, agribusiness, industry, government, non-profit agencies, or the Cooperative Extension Service.  This flexible program offers three modes of completion: 1) 30 credit hour thesis option, 2) a 36 credit hour non-thesis option, or a 30 hour completion program which includes student teaching and teacher licensure.

Thesis option

The thesis option requires 30 approved graduate credit hours, including six credit hours of thesis researcher. The student, with guidance from the student’s graduate advisory committee, will conduct an original research project that is of state and/or national interest and present findings in the form of a written report.

Non-Thesis Option

The non- thesis option requires 36 approved graduate credit hours and may be completed either through the comprehensive examination or creative component pathways. The comprehensive examination route is designed to assess the student’s knowledge of completed coursework. Students will be required to write on demand to a series of questions submitted by the graduate advisory committee. An oral defense of the written examinations is also required.

The creative component option allows the student to work with his or her graduate advisory committee to develop and implement a project related to the students’ interests. Typically, these projects are of local or state significance. Examples may include curriculum projects or research projects that may lack the depth of a thesis.

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Non-Thesis with Teacher Licensure Option

This non-thesis licensure option requires 36 approved graduate credit hours and may be completed either through the comprehensive examination or creative component pathways. Of these 36 credit hours, 9 credit hours will include a student teaching experience under the direction of a licensed teacher. Specific course work is required to ensure that teaching licensure requirements are met. Prior to admission to the program, students must have completed a bachelor’s degree in an approved agricultural content area (animal science, horticulture, agricultural business, renewable natural resources, agricultural education-leadership development concentration, etc) with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in undergraduate coursework and a 3.0 GPA or higher in any previously completed graduate coursework. This ensures adequate agricultural content knowledge and a preparation to teach
agricultural education. Transcripts will be evaluated to ensure at least 30 hours of content specific agricultural courses are included as part of the undergraduate coursework. Also, prior to admission, students must pass or be exempt from the Praxis I Core (5712, 5722, & 5732 or combination exam 5751) examinations as well as the Praxis II – Agriculture (5701) Content Examination. Students who successfully complete the program will receive an Agriculture (Grades 6-12) Louisiana Teaching License. Information about how to transfer this license to other states would be available through the state Board of Education in which the license is being transferred to.  

Doctoral Program

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Agricultural & Extension Education is designed to provide professional advancement in a variety of career contexts including, but not limited to, higher education, state agricultural education leadership, Cooperative Extension, agribusiness, government, and non-profits. This program requires 60 approved credit hours above the Masters degree, successful completion of the comprehensive general examination, and the completion of a doctoral dissertation. The doctoral dissertation is a substantial research project planned, implemented, and reported under the guidance of the student’s graduate committee.

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Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available at both the M.S and Ph.D levels. Students who are on assistantship will work within the department for a minimum of 20 hours a week and may have responsibilities teaching  course work, serving as a teaching assistant, serving as research assistants, or assisting with departmental programs. Assistantships are competitive and will often require interviews for specific positions. For more information about assistantship availability, please contact Dr. Joey Blackburn, AEEE Graduate Advisor at

* The Agricultural Education M.S. program meets the educational eligibility criteria for certification in Agriculture Education Grades K-12 in the State of Louisiana. Graduates of this Louisiana state-approved teacher preparation program will qualify for a Level 1 Professional Certificate. Graduates of the program who wish to teach in another U.S. state or country may require additional eligibility criteria to qualify for licensure and/or certification in those locations. We are unable to confirm the licensure and/or certification requirements of other states or countries. Therefore, if you intend to pursue such credentialing in another state or elsewhere, it is advised that you contact the applicable state or country credentialing authority to familiarize yourself with its specific requirements and determine if this program meets the applicable eligibility criteria. If you have additional questions in this regard, please contact to assist you in your career planning.

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