Zamorano Agriculture Society recognizes members, supporters

ZAS scholarship recipients

Zamorano Agriculture Society gave out scholarships to four students. Pictured are Cristhiam Gurdian, Katheryn Parraga, Dr. Bill Richardson, Franklin Bonilla, Emilio Gutierrez, and Alejandro Castro. Photo by Tobie Blanchard  

The LSU AgCenter and Zamorano Pan-American School of Agriculture in Honduras have a strong history and partnership. Since the 1980s. Since 2005, the AgCenter has hosted more than 100 Zamorano students for internships and many have returned to LSU to pursue graduate studies.
The Zamorano Agriculture Society held a 2018 closing ceremony in December to honor Dr. Bill Richardson, LSU vice president for agriculture and dean of the LSU College of Agriculture, who has helped keep the relationship between LSU and Zamorano thriving. 
Franklin Bonilla, president of the Zamorano Agriculture Society, thanked Richardson for his leadership and generosity he has shown to the society and its members.
The society was established to help facilitate cultural and agricultural exchange among students and alumni of LSU and the Zamorano Pan-American School of Agriculture in Honduras. The society provides guidance, support and orientation to visiting scholars and students attending LSU.
At the closing ceremony, the society also gave out scholarships, recognized local supporters of the society and board members.
Scholarship recipients included Emilio Gutierrez, a Ph.D. student in animal sciences; Alejandro Castro, a Ph.D. student in agronomy; Cristhiam Gurdian, a Ph.D. in food sciences and Katheryn Parraga a Ph.D. in food sciences.  
Carl Newton, an entrepreneur and founder of the food company Beyond the Equator was honored for his support of the society. He has donated a scholarship to a Zamorano student from Bolivia. Sarah Bernard, a project coordinator with the LSU AgCenter Global Network was recognized for her help with coordinating internships and helping acclimate Zamorano students to LSU. Santiago Carias, a Zamorano alumni, also was recognized for contributing to scholarships for Zamorano students.  
The society also donated $1,500 for the 2019 Zamorano summer internship program through the LSU AgCenter.  

Newton and Zamorano Students

Carl Newton, second from left, is recognized for his support of the Zamorano Agriculture Society. 

Bernard and Zamorano students

Sarah Bernard, second from left, is recognized for her support of the Zamorano Agriculture Society.

ZAS presents scholarship check

Students with the Zamorano Agriculture Society present a check to Dr. Bill Richardson to support the Zamorano internships program.

ZAS group

Students with the Zamorano Agriculture Society.