Tier 2 Reporting Program

At LSU, we are dedicated to strengthening diversity among our students, faculty & staff as well as our suppliers and contractors. LSU highly encourages all of our suppliers to participate in our Tier 2 Reporting Program. We place an additional emphasis on our strategic suppliers to support a core value of the Supplier Diversity Department and LSU by attending routine supplier reviews. By securing our strategic suppliers' diverse spend reporting, we ensure their successful participation in our supplier diversity initiatives.

As a strategic supplier of LSU, we require that you support the Supplier Diversity Program initiative by:

  • Actively seeking out opportunities to involve HUBs as you deliver services to LSU
  • Report your success in HUB subcontracting expenditures, whether direct or indirect, to LSU on a quarterly basis

For more information on LSU’s Supplier Diversity eligible certifications, please visit: https://www.lsu.edu/administration/ofa/supplierdiversity/certifications.php 

Tier 2 Reporting Periods

Diverse suppliers spend, direct and indirect, is reported quarterly to our Board of Supervisors and President, as they share a common interest in the advancement of HUB firms, specifically those in the communities we serve. Tier 2 reporting data should be submitted to LSU no later than 30 days after the close of the quarter via the UniTier portal. For access to the UniTier portal, contact Tiffany N. Robinson at tcart12@lsu.edu.


The reporting periods are as follows:

Quarter  Date Period
Quarter 1 July 1 – September 30
Quarter 2 October 1 – December 31
Quarter 3 January 1 – March 31
Quarter 4 April 1 –June 30


If you require additional information regarding this initiative and your inclusion, contact LSU Supplier Diversity at suppdiversity@lsu.edu.  


Rev 10/1/22

The Process

  • Complete the online LSU Supplier Registration Form
  • LSU Procurement Services approves application
  • Certification status is verified
  • Suppliers added to Supplier Diversity Program to receive weekly opportunities emails
  • Submit updated certification documents by renewal date to remain certified

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