Property & Equipment Requirements

Disposal of Inventory Property

All faculty and staff are cautioned not to dispose of any inventory property without the prior written consent of Property Management. Property Management must make a formal written request (Transfer document) to the State LPAA to dispose of any item on inventory regardless of its condition. Each budget unit head is accountable for the movable property on his or her inventory until such time the item is picked up from the budget unit. Budget units are to complete Property Management’s Equipment Inventory Action Request Form in order to have inventory property processed for pickup and delivery made to the Surplus Warehouse.

The department or college responsible for any data on devices being disposed of must ensure that all data is securely removed to minimize the risk of possible compromise of the data. For additional information on data security, see PS-06.20 (Security of Data) and PS-114 (Security of Computing Resources). Also, see "Securely Removing Data from Devices" for steps or utilities available to securely delete and/or destroy the data.

Idle or Surplus Inventory

Inventory property that may become idle or surplus to an inventory unit shall be surplused by the inventory head within the week it becomes idle or surplus. Inventory unit head is to complete Property Management’s Equipment Inventory Action Request Form to facilitate pickup and delivery to the Surplus Warehouse. Property Management will determine if item may have use by other inventory units for redistribution or will surplus the item utilizing LPAA’s Transfer Request for approval to deliver the surplus item to LPAA's Surplus Property location.
For items that are considered surplus but have not been processed through Property Management, see Technology Recycling Center(you must log into PAWS after clicking this link).

Dismantling of Equipment

Departments are reminded that dismantling equipment can be only authorized by the Louisiana Property Assistance Agency (LPAA) through Property Management. To begin the process, departments are to submit an Equipment Inventory Action Request to Property Management. Approval/Non-approval may take three to five working days. Once LPAA determines the equipment as having no useful value in its existing condition (prior to dismantle), the approval will be forwarded to Property Management. Property Management will submit documentation to the department indicating approval for the dismantling of equipment.

Once approval is given, the equipment will be removed from the Equipment Inventory Records by Property Management. The removal of the remaining parts from dismantled equipment is not considered surplus and, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the department. (Note: Removal of approved items for scrap is likewise the responsibility of the department.)

Stolen/Missing Inventory Property

If a department determines that an item on their inventory has been stolen from campus, it must be reported to the LSU Police immediately. LSU Police will provide a copy of the Incident Report form to Property Management and the District Attorney's Office. The department must submit an Equipment Inventory Action Request Form to Property Management at this time. For items stolen from an offsite location, the local law enforcement in that area is to be contacted immediately and a police report obtained. The department must promptly notify Property Management and provide a copy of the police report along with an Equipment Inventory Action Request Form. Property Management will submit this report to LSU Police who will provide a copy to the District Attorney's Office. In either instance, once Property Management receives written notification, copies will be forwarded to the Legislative Auditors.

Theft/loss "....involving computing resources either attached to a LSU operated network or in a functional unit shall be reported immediately to the Network Operation Center (NOC)." Please refer to PS-114 (Security of Computing Resources) for additional information.

Movement of Inventory Property on Campus

Property Management must be notified in writing of equipment transfers between University departments. It is the responsibility of the department transferring the equipment to obtain a signed “receipt” from the receiving department using Property Management’s Equipment Inventory Action Request Form. The new account number and new location must be indicated. After completion, the original form must be sent to Property Management in order for the inventory record adjustments to be executed. Copies are to be retained by each department. Note: The receiving department is responsible for updating Equipment Record Inventory (ERI) information for equipment transferred to a different building or room.

Removal of Inventory Property from Campus

No inventory property of this institution shall be removed from campus to a non-university location for use and storage without the prior approval of the employee's department head or director. In the event, the department head or director is the user, the department head or director's next level supervisor shall be sought for approval. The department head or director shall be responsible for documenting the employee's temporary use and storage of the inventory property on the Property Management‘s Home Storage/Remote Location Form. Approval shall be based on the purposes of research or other reason within the scope and mission of the University. The department head or director will be responsible to forward a copy of the Home Storage/Remote Location Form to Property Management prior to the time of release. The department head or director will be responsible for verifying the return of the movable property. Inventory property used and stored at a non-university location shall not be used for personal benefit or any purpose that can be considered misuse of state property. The use of state property for personal benefit is illegal under state law.

Trailer Documentation

Whenever a trailer is purchased, a signed and notarized Certificate of Origin (especially for a new trailer) and a Bill of Sale must be received from the vendor. The purchaser should exercise extra precaution when these documents are obtained to make sure they are properly notarized and made out to Louisiana State University, not to the individual purchasing the trailer. These documents are necessary when the trailer is purchased through Procurement. Property Management must have these documents to obtain a title and license for the trailer.


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