2018 Inventory Key Dates

           March 1      Inventory Kickoff
      June 15     Location-based Inventory Complete (soft deadline)
      September 28   Targeted Searches Complete (soft deadline)
          Certification Opens in Application
          Inventory Remains Editable
      October 31   Asset Custodian & Department Head Certification Complete (firm deadline)
           .                                      Inventory Closed to Edits after October 31, 2018


    Annual Inventory Process

    2018 Inventory Process

    Instructions for Using Inventory Scanning Application

    Setting up Socketmobile scanner with iPad

    How to purchase additional Socketmobile scanner(s)

    Explanation of Asset Populations and How Application Responds

    Tracking Inventory Progress (for Asset Custodians and Department Heads)

    Instructions for Inventory Certification

    Job Aid - Adding Photos

    Job Aid - Device Camera as Input Method (iOS)

    Job Aid - Device Camera as Input Method (Android)

    Job Aid - Exporting Results


    Barcode Upgrade Project


    Barcode Upgrade Process Details

    List of Cost Centers Receiving Tags