About Us


 The Supplier Diversity department is committed to the following goals:

  • Develop partnerships with MBEs, WBEs, to ensure procurement opportunities exist
  • Engage in outreach activities to identify diverse suppliers
  • Provide orientation on doing business with the University
  • Partner with the Diversity Committee established by Louisiana Economic Development
  • Ensure LSU Prime contractors have established 2nd tier Diversity Goals
  • Connect Campus departments with diverse suppliers
  • Develop policies and procedures that assist underserved and under-utilized business to greater access to procurement opportunities
  • Develop market-driven goals for participation of diverse suppliers



  • Collaborate with key stake holders
  • Implement new internal systems to better monitor and track compliance
  • Create a system-wide advisory board to develop policies and strategic vision
  • Encourage Minority and Women participation in all solicitation processes
  • Develop internal partnerships to advise on process changes
  • Create communication channels between LSU and the supplier via brochures, newsletters and a website
  • Provide compliance reporting tools
  • Host outreach activities to educate suppliers on how to do business with LSU
  • Benchmark against other similar organizations and incorporate best practices