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Consider buying on campus first

University Resources

University Resources refers to Campus Stores or departments that either stock and sell merchandise or provide services to the University community.

All University departments are directed to utilize the University Resources, which are listed below, for all services and items normally stocked or readily available through contracts that University Resources maintain with off-campus vendors.

Internal Transaction Forms (ITs) are typically used to make purchases from University Resources. For more detailed procedures, contact the appropriate University Resource or the Office of Accounting Services.

Then consider buying on State Contract

State Contracts

State contracts are contracts set up by state purchasing with numerous vendors for the purchase of various specified items for a given period of time.

The University has the option of purchasing against these state contracts without the necessity of developing specifications or requesting bids, which means purchase orders may be placed immediately for a faster delivery. Also, because of the volume associated with state purchases, the prices are very competitive.

Effective Monday, October 26, 2015, the eCat link will no longer be accessible on the Office of State Procurement website.  

Non-State Agencies will shop the statewide contracts through the SRM MDM Internal Catalog.

In order to gain access, Non-State Agencies must register at:

The instructions to register can be found at the top of the “User Registration” page at the link referenced above.

After successful registration, your User ID and Temporary Password will be sent in an e-mail.  You will be able to log in using this information.

Buying from vendors off campus

Authority To Purchase

Except as noted below, no one is authorized to commit the University to any purchase without the advance approval of Procurement Services. [see also: authority to sign contracts]

Authorization to purchase goods and services in the amount of $5,000 or less has been delegated by the Director of Procurement to deans, directors, and department heads. However, purchasing policy must be complied with or this authority may be revoked.

When an emergency situation exists that requires an immediate purchase, Procurement is to be contacted for assistance, if time permits. If Procurement cannot be contacted, the department is to proceed in a prudent manner and then report transaction to Procurement. [see: emergency purchases].

Purchasing Procedures

All purchases are to be made in accordance with procedures established pursuant to LAC 34:XIII.Chapter 3-25. Small purchases (any procurement not exceeding $50,000) may be made in accordance with procedures prescribed by the management board. Procurement requirements shall not be artificially divided so as to constitute a small purchase, as described in this section.

Public works contracts (construction, remodeling, and additions) are to be made in accordance with procedures established pursuant to Louisiana R.S. 38 and must be coordinated through Facility Development or Facility Services and Procurement .

Requisitions and Specifications

In general, a requisition is required for all purchases of supplies, materials, equipment, and services purchased from off-campus vendors when the total cost exceeds $10,000.


All full-time faculty and staff automatically have the ability to create requisitions and the subsequent purchase order and receipts associated with the order they submitted in Workday.

The Accountant - Department security role is needed to view purchase orders and receiving reports for their Cost Center, create change orders and supplier change requests. 

The Cost Center Manager security role is required to electronically approve requisitions, purchase orders and purchase order alterations.

An Ad Hoc Approver can be added by any approver in the business process - can be any employee; no special security role is needed for this approver.

All requests to add or remove security roles must be initiated through the electronic Security Access Procedure accessible through your MyLSU (PAWS) desktop under the Financial Services tab. 

It is important to provide adequate specifications on the requisition form. See: Tips for Preparing Specifications.

Purchasing Requirements Within Specified Dollar Range

LaCarte Purchasing Card

“LaCarte” is a credit card issued to authorized employees for the purpose of making low dollar purchases.

LaCarte is intended to simplify your buying process and improve your cycle time from ordering to payment. Typical examples of items that may qualify for this program include books, subscriptions, computer accessories, materials, and supplies.

LaCarte is “programmed” with a range of information: the cardholder’s identity; the account number and object code to which purchases are to be charged; dollar limits for cardholder’s purchases— defaults are $1000/transaction, $1000/vendor/day, $30,000 per month; and the types of merchants (merchant category code (MCC)) that can or cannot be utilized.

For complete details as well as information on how to apply, see the LaCarte Procurement Card Program.




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