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  • Buyers or Campus Buyer Roles now have the ability to reopen procurement transactions. Please note that only those transactions that were closed in the current fiscal year are eligible to be reopened.  Documents closed in a prior fiscal year cannot be reopened. Contact the buyer via email to submit a request to have the requisition or purchase order reopened.

  • Apple products are now available through the CDW-G supplier website/punch-out catalog in Workday. Note: Custom configurated items and bulk quantities should still be purchased from Apple directly to obtain the educational discounted pricing.

  • The Fisher Scientific, Medline, & McKesson supplier websites/punch-out catalogs are now available in Workday.

  • Premier Production and Sound Services is a preferred supplier of management of DJ, video production, audio/lighting services, and equipment for Louisiana State University. When submitting PSC requisitions in Workday, Requester should select the supplier contract on the services line to associate this purchase with the university contract.

  • Potential respondents seeking to provide product demonstrations, presentations or exhibits to university personnel shall first request authorization to do so in writing to the CPO. Requests should be submitted to the Procurement Office at purchase@lsu.edu.

  • Workday has recently added a comments box at the bottom of the supplier change request screen. This field must be populated to describe the changes made to the supplier record.

  • Departments are reminded that it is their responsibility to contact Accounts Payable & Travel/Valery Sonnier if contracting with a non-resident alien (NRA) as stated on the PUR-CR form (FRM-U505.C&D.01).  




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