How to complete registration

Please note registration must be completed by the published due date or the date that is listed on the on-line Fee Bill. Students who do not complete registration by the deadline date will be subject to cancellation of their course schedule and assessment of the $75 Late Registration Service Charge.

Zero balance fee bills

If your balance is $0, you are still required to complete registration by selecting the Complete Registration button on myLSU, Registration Services, Fee Bill. Completing registration will prevent your course reservations from being dropped from your schedule. 

Payment options

Bank Draft

Pay your fee bill with a bank draft on myLSU, Registration Services, Fee Bill. An approved payment in process will protect your schedule from being purged. Please note a $25 service charge will be assessed on all payments returned due to insufficient funds.

Credit Card

Pay your fee bill with a Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover credit card on myLSU by going to Registration Services, Fee Bill. Please note a 2.5 % processing fee will be added to credit card payments.

Payments plans

The Deferred Payment Plan and Payroll Deduction (if eligible) can be selected on myLSU, Registration Services. 

Student aid and scholarships

If you anticipate some form of aid (scholarships, grant, loan or exemption), please note the following:

  • All anticipated aid, scholarships, and exemptions indicated are contingent upon the specified requirements for receiving such aid. If for any reason you do not receive an anticipated award, you will be responsible for the full balance of your account.
  • If your financial aid posts and is greater than the amount that you owe the University, you will be issued a refund for the remaining balance the first week of class. This process will continue daily as funds are received.
  • The anticipated aid will be applied to all current debt and to new semester charges.

Direct Deposit

We recommend direct deposit for student financial aid and other credit balance refunds. Direct deposit can be selected on myLSU, Financial Services, Direct Deposit by completing the banking information and selecting the option that includes credit balance refunds.


The myProxy application allows LSU users to grant access to certain myLSU applications to other people, where others can login and "act on behalf" of the LSU user. For instance, students can give their parents access to their Fee Bill, where the parents can login and see the Fee Bill application as if they were the student themselves. For more information on myProxy, you may access LSU’s GROK You will be prompted to create a communityLSU id which will then allow you to request access from your student.







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