Exceptions Request

Colleges/schools/units or individuals may request an exception when compliance is not technically possible or may require significant difficulty or expense in relation to the size of the university, the resources available, and the nature of the operation. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the ADA/Title II Coordinator or designee, in consultation with the dean or director, when appropriate.

Requests for exceptions must follow the Accessibility Exception Request form. View instructions on exceptions request.

For existing digital resources and content: Requests should be initiated as soon as product information, evaluations, or user feedback indicate a serious conflict with current web standards. This initiation can occur at any stage of the digital resources or content lifecycle, including prior to, during, or after design, implementation, updates, distribution, or publication. For new digital resources and content: Colleges/schools/units or individuals must have an exception before design, implementation, updates, distribution, or publication of digital resources or content that does not meet current web standards.

Exceptions are not permanent and are reviewed annually unless otherwise indicated at the time the exception is granted.