Message from Matthew Lee re: Online Accessibility

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We first alerted you last November that LSU is working diligently to bring LSU’s online presence into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. While a number of LSU faculty and staff have been working on this effort over the past several months, I’d like to make you aware of how this impacts YOU.

Those of you who work in the following areas will have particular reason to pay attention to all communications related to online accessibility:

  • Faculty who use videos or other technologies as part of their teaching;
  • Software programmers/Website builders/ITS employees;
  • Web content editors across campus;
  • Communicators who review, approve and send out marketing emails and newsletters via email;
  • Social media managers for any LSU social media accounts;
  • Graphic designers who create graphics intended to be posted online;
  • Faculty Technology Center employees;
  • Procurement employees who approve vendors and contracts;
  • Communicators who use vendors to create videos, websites or graphics;
  • Business managers and anyone who makes purchases on behalf of their department;
  • Human Resource Management employees.

All LSU employees will be required to go through accessibility training, but those of you in the above-mentioned fields will also receive specialized training that will be tailored to your daily jobs. Most important, this training will help ensure that all of LSU’s constituents – regardless of any disability they may have – are able to access LSU’s online resources. 

For the past several months, I have been leading the Online Accessibility Working Group, which was empaneled by President Alexander and is composed of faculty and staff from across campus. This group is working with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights to develop the training for our campus, and to create plans for all existing and future online content to become ADA compliant. Currently, an outside audit of LSU’s online presence is being conducted. When we receive the audit report, members of the Working Group will inform campus units of any changes that need to be made on the various technologies in their areas, and will provide guidance on ways to become compliant.

Please be on the lookout for upcoming messages about training and the results of the audit. As we move through this process, we will keep you updated and we ask for your prompt attention to this matter. This effort will be large-scale, and will touch every department at LSU, but the end results will be worthwhile and will help us achieve the university’s mission.



Matt Lee

Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Support Services

Chair, Online Accessibility Working Group