Required Faculty Search Committee Training

A reminder that all individuals serving on a faculty search committee must attend a faculty search committee training. In addition, faculty members serving as diversity advocates must also attend a diversity advocate training. 

Date Time Location Registration Link
Monday, April 4, 2022 1-3 pm   
Peabody 225

Thursday, April 7, 2022 12-2 pm  Peabody 225

Who is required to participate?

Anyone that is scheduled to serve on a search committee in 2022. Department chairs and directors should direct non-faculty search committee members to this page so they may register. This training has new content to which all search committee members will be held accountable, and therefore, faculty are expected to attend even if they have already participated in a previous training.

If you are a faculty member who is not scheduled to serve on a search committee before the end of the year, you do not need to register for a training at this time.

What if I can’t attend? 

Although we highly recommend attending an in-person training session, we realize that the available times may not work for everyone. 

What if I have already attended a training? 

Academic Affairs is asking search committee members who engaged in the past training for the faculty search committee role or the diversity advocate roles to please engage in the newer, revised training when it becomes available. That newer training contains references to other, revised aspects of the faculty search process, such as how and when diversity advocates would submit a report of the search committee activities.


All questions should be directed to