Distinguished Faculty Awards

LSU takes great pride in its world-class faculty. The university's Distinguished Faculty Awards recognize faculty accomplishments and showcase superb teaching, research, and service at LSU.

2019 Faculty Awards 

LSU's 2019 call for award nominations can be found here.

An editable nomination cover sheet can be downloaded here.

Editable Outstanding Service-learning Award forms can be downloaded here.  

The student submission module for the TAF LSU Discover Undergraduate Research Award can be found here

Information on the LSU Rainmakers and the LSU Distinguished Research Master awards can be found here. Please note these two awards have a different nomination process and timeline from other awards. 



Below is a list of previous university faculty award recipients:

LSU Faculty Awards 2011
LSU Faculty Awards 2012
LSU Faculty Awards 2013
LSU Faculty Awards 2014
LSU Faculty Awards 2015
LSU Faculty Awards 2016
LSU Faculty Awards 2017