University Faculty Awards

LSU takes great pride in its world-class faculty. The University Faculty Awards recognize faculty accomplishments and showcase superb teaching, research, and service at LSU. A call for nominations is sent during the fall semester and awards are celebrated in the spring semester. 

2021 University Faculty Awards Call for Nominations:

Each year the university recognizes and rewards the outstanding work of its faculty. The Office of Academic Affairs is also pleased to announce the call for nominations for the following awards:

LSU Distinguished Faculty Award
LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award
LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award
LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award
David J. Kriskovich Distinguished Professorship
Brij Mohan Distinguished Professor Award
Outstanding Service-learning Faculty Award
Communication across the Curriculum Outstanding Faculty Award

A faculty member may be nominated for only one of the above-listed awards per year. A listing of award eligibility and supporting documentation requirements is enclosed. Individual faculty members, department heads, or deans may initiate nominations.

All nominations must be channeled through the nominee’s department head to the dean’s office. Deans will review all nominations for their faculty members and forward the nominations no later than Friday, February 5, 2021 to the Office of Academic Affairs. (Please note that each college may have its own internal deadline for receiving nominations prior to this date.)

The standard Faculty Award Nomination cover sheet must be used, and all materials must be submitted electronically. The final nomination materials for each nominee should be scanned into a single PDF file and labeled with the name of the award and the nominee’s last name (e.g. “Alumni Professorship_Smith”). Please note that two additional standard forms are required for nominations for the Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award: 2021 Nomination Cover Sheet and 2021 Service-learning Document. Prior to the submission deadline, the individual designated to submit nominations on behalf of the dean should contact Mallory Danzy ( or 8-1519) to be granted access to upload the nominations.

View award descriptions and amounts here.

University Faculty Awards Recipients

Below is a list of previous University Faculty Award recipients:

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