LSU Faculty Awards 2013


LSU Alumni Professorship  

Sarah Liggett, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                                       

Robert G. Tague, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                                                 

Bradley E. Schaefer, College of Science   

LSU Distinguished Faculty Award

Guoli Ding, College of Science                                                                                                                   

John Protevi, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                                          

Sudipta Sarangi, E.J. Ourso College of Business                                                                          

Ashok K. Mishra, College of Agriculture                                                                                             

Guoqiang Li, College of Engineering   

LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award

Christopher Austin, College of Science                                                                                                                  

Michael Hegarty, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                                                 

Robert G. Tague, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                                                 

Ram V. Devireddy, College of Engineering     

LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award

Andreas Giger, College of Music & Dramatic Arts      

Tiger Athletic Foundation President’s Award

Maribel Dietz, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                                      

Kathy Thompson, College of Science                                                                                                                      

Dan Novak, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                         

Nick Erickson, College of Music & Dramatic Arts    

H. M. “Hub” Cotton Award for Faculty Excellence

Solimar Otero, Humanities & Social Sciences   

Brij Mohan Distinguished Professor Award

Elaine Maccio, College of Human Sciences & Education

Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award

Margare-Mary Sulentic Dowell, College of Human Sciences & Education    

George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award

Jean Rohloff, College of Humanities & Social Sciences 

LSU Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award

Laura Helen Marks, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Phi Kappa Phi Non-Tenured Faculty Award

Benjamin Kahan, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                                                 

Donghui Zhang, College of Science     

Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Awards

Michael Kaller, College of Agriculture                                                                                                          

Michael Stout, College of Agriculture   

Courtney Barr, College of Art & Design                                                                                      

Matthew Savage, College of Art & Design        

Joni Catanzaro, E.J. Ourso College of Business                                                                                      

R. Carter Hill, E.J. Ourso College of Business                                                                        

Ron Niedrich, E.J. Ourso College of Business                                                                        

V. Carlos Slawson, E.J. Ourso College of Business   

Sibel Bargu-Ates, College of Coast & Environment        

David Bowles, College of Engineering                                                                                        

Coretta Douglas, College of Engineering                                                                                  

Kerry Reed, College of Engineering                                                                             

Cristina Sabliov, College of Engineering                                                                                    

Andrew Wojtanowicz, College of Engineering       

Sue Bartlett, Ogden Honors College                                                                           

David Bertolini, Ogden Honors College                                                                                      

William Demastes, Ogden Honors College                                                                             

Jason Hicks, Ogden Honors College                                                                             

Dominique Homberger, Ogden Honors College                                                                                     

Russell Matthews, Ogden Honors College                                                                              

Heather McKillop, Ogden Honors College                                                                                

Janna Oetting, Ogden Honors College            

Wanda Hargroder, College of Human Sciences & Education                                    

Loren Marks, College of Human Sciences & Education                                                 

Angela Webb, College of Human Sciences & Education        

Lara Glenum, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                               

Touria Khannous, College of Humanities & Social Sciences                                      

Oliver James Rocha, College of Humanities & Social Sciences       

Brett Boutwell, College of Music & Dramatic Arts                                                           

Eun J Cho, College of Music & Dramatic Arts                                    

Brett Dietz, College of Music & Dramatic Arts          


Craig Freeman, Manship School of Mass Communication                                         

Yongick Jeong, Manship School of Mass Communication                                           

Jay Shelledy, Manship School of Mass Communication      

Debra Kopcso, College of Science                                                                                                   

Patricia Moroney, College of Science    

Patrick Kolniak, University College                                                                                                 

Ann H. Martin, University College                                                                                                  

Steven Pomarico, University College                                                                                           

Amy Potter, University College                                                                                                         

Kerry Sauley, University College                                                                                                      

Dottie Vaughn, University College                                                                                                  

E. William Wischusen, University College