Lab Timeline

Fall 2021 

  • Identify Leadership Team 
  • Establish subcommittees 
  • Develop charges 
  • Site visit from ACE advisor 

Spring 2022 

  • Committees convene and are given charge to create global strategy document by end of 2022 
  • Begin institutional self-assessment  
  • Subcommittees collect and analyze data 
  • Survey stakeholders 
  • Benchmark against peer institutions 

Summer 2022 

  • Complete preliminary working group reports  
  • Co-chairs prepare and complete final reports  

Fall 2022 

  • Leadership Team will prepare and complete initial draft of comprehensive global strategy 
  • Draft is shared with each subcommittee for input 
  • Comprehensive global strategy document shared with campus leaders and stakeholders  
  • Comprehensive global strategy document is finalized and unveiled during International Education Week
  • Complete final ACE advisor campus visit