The Process

The exercise to develop LSU's next strategic plan will help to define the university’s value proposition and cement an identity that not only weathers such storms as the current budget crisis, but actually helps the institution become stronger. The plan will not be defined by functional areas such as research and teaching, but rather by the higher order of attributes that characterize the institution and those that LSU aspires to advance collectively.

In November 2015, the University Planning Committee (UPC) met to begin the process of developing a strategic plan to determine the focus of Louisiana State University moving forward over the next five to seven years. Since then, more than 150 people including faculty, staff, students, alumni and business leaders have participated in focus groups to help shape the plan.  In addition, 2,100 faculty, staff and students participated in an online survey to lend their voices in helping formulate the goals and objectives utilized to develop the overall plan.  Following the research phase, university deans, vice presidents, vice provosts, faculty and staff senate leaders attended a Strategic Planning Leadership Retreat to further shape the core of the plan.  In addition to providing their opinions on the plan, this group confirmed a list of six values that underpin the ideals LSU Tigers value as a community.

The resulting information and ideas from the retreat, along with the values, was presented at a Strategic Planning Summit in September to allow further input and ideas from approximately 60 volunteer faculty, staff and students.

The development of LSU's new strategic plan continues to move forward through the identification of five Strategic Themes that form the core of the plan.

These themes cover areas such as the economy, health, education, the environment/coast and arts/culture, and are sectors that not only demand LSU’s focus, but also allow the university to use its unique expertise in solving challenges that face our state, our nation and the world. “I’ve often mentioned to the participants assisting with the process that if the state of Louisiana created a strategic plan, these themes would be at the top of the list,” explained Koubek. “As an entity that plays an integral role in improving the quality of life here in Louisiana, LSU plans to be at the forefront of making positive strides toward addressing these critical issues. The strategic plan is our first step.”

In addition, four Supporting Pillars have been cited as being key to providing a firm foundation of support to help achieve the goals outlined in the Strategic Themes narrative. Moving forward, nine subcommittees will develop core strategies to execute the Strategic Themes and Supporting Pillars. The subcommittees will meet at least once prior to the end of this year and then regularly throughout the early part of 2017 to finalize all strategies and develop accompanying metrics to measure on-going success.  These subcommittee meetings are open to the public and all faculty, staff and students are invited to attend.  Please click here to view a list of upcoming committee meeting dates.   In spring 2017, the university plans to host open forums for further input from our broader campus community.

Ultimately, the strategic plan will serve as a broad guideline for divisions, colleges, departments, centers and other academic units to use when developing individualized plans.