The following is an overview and duties of the primary groups participating in the process from across the university and LSU community. We invite all members of the LSU community to participate by taking the online survey and sharing your thoughts with those directly involved in the process.

University Planning Council (UPC)
The University Planning Council will serve as a governing body to monitor the strategic planning process and implementation.

Strategic Planning Executive Committee
Representatives from University Planning Council, Faculty Senate and Staff Senate are  directly involved with specific decisions regarding the process and development of the plan.

Focus Group Participants
Participants in the strategic plan focus groups will provide information to help formulate the goals and objectives present in the the overall plan. Focus groups will consist of: faculty, staff, students, alumni, and industry/business Leaders.

The LSU Community
The entire LSU community will have the opportunity to provide input via an online survey  by the university. 

Cross-functional Subcommittees
These six subcommittees consist of students and a cross section of faculty members and staff with a long history and in-depth experience at the university. This team will use the focus group, survey and stakeholder research as a guide to develop the goals and objectives that will form the core of the strategic plan.

Click here to participate in a strategic planning subcommittee meeting. 

Town Hall Meetings
In addition to strategic planning subcommittees meeting regularly, the LSU strategic planning committee encourages members of the LSU community to attend a series of Town Hall meetings scheduled in the upcoming months to discuss an overview of the process and an update on the plan as well as to receive feedback from faculty, students and staff in attendance. Click here to view dates and times for the Town Hall meetings. 

Get Involved

We invite you to help shape the future direction of LSU's next strategic plan.  To participate, please click the links below.

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