University Planning Council (UPC) identifies six aspirational goals to serve as framework for LSU’s next strategic plan

Posted March 14, 2016

Building upon what was learned through the development and implementation of the Flagship Agendas 2010 and 2020, and taking into account the dramatic changes affecting the higher education landscape over the last five years, a decision was made in early 2016 to embark upon the development of a new strategic plan for the university. Past LSU strategic plans have rightfully focused on growth, yielding the institution’s third largest class in its history. The new exercise focuses on converging the energy of LSU’s faculty, staff and students to advance the institution’s leadership role in the state and the nation, and to graduate leaders who measure their success not only by their own achievements, but also by the success of those they have helped.

The plan was officially put in place on March 14 as the University Planning Committee (UPC) presented a list of words that will set the framework for how LSU defines itself in the landscape of higher education. After multiple meetings and input from the entire UPC, the field of words was narrowed down to six: Globally Engaged, Creative, Collaborative, Impactful, Innovative and Culturally Competent.

Faculty, staff, students, alumni, business leaders and key stakeholders will be asked to offer their input on LSU’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas so that a plan can be developed to align the university with future success.

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