Wikipedia Palooza 2014



Whether we like it or not, people of all ages from around the globe start their inquiry, information gathering, and knowledge seeking at Wikipedia.  As a tertiary source, Wikipedia makes information accessible, but the true power of information is in its accuracy.  This is where we come in as scholars and students—we have the capacity and capability of improving the content quality of Wikipedia.


On November 5 & 6, LSU CxC and the Wiki Education Foundation are co-hosting “Wikipedia Palooza,” a series of workshops designed for faculty, students, and community partners who are interested in leveraging Wikipedia in and outside the classroom.


**Each workshop is a stand-alone session and all are free of charge, but seating is limited and pre-registration is required.  This is a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) series.





9:30-10:30a, Why Wikipedia in the University?

Are you intrigued but not quite sure how Wikipedia could work for you as a teacher, student, or general lover of global knowledge sharing?  Then this is the session for you!  We’ll talk about the many different ways you can leverage Wikipedia in the University setting. [French House Grand Salon]


11:30a-1:00p, Unpacking Wikipedia: Creative Uses in the Classroom

Editing and contributing text to Wikipedia articles is one way to elevate students’ writing and research skills, but there are many other activities involving Wikipedia that you can integrate into your course design.  We’ll talk about how faculty at top-tier universities, including LSU, are using Wikipedia in the classroom.  From images and infographics to literature reviews and research analysis, there’s a wealth of active learning opportunities within Wikipedia. [French House Grand Salon; Complimentary lunch]


2:30-3:30p, Leveraging Wikipedia for Social Issues Awareness

Wikipedia articles are written from a neutral point of view. It is not a place for argumentation or advocacy, but it is a space for accurate, noteworthy information.  Some of the most sought out Wikipedia articles are those surrounding social issues and policies, yet these types of articles are some of the most underdeveloped Wikipedia entries.  During this session, we’ll talk about how you can support your cause(s) and essentially provide a community service by increasing the accuracy, scope, and depth of Wikipedia articles surrounding social issues and policies. [French House Grand Salon]


4:30-5:30p, Intro to Wikipedia Editing

New to Wikipedia editing?  This introductory session will give you the basic tools and skills needed to dive into editing Wikipedia. [Coates Hall, Room 151]


5:30-7:00, LSU Peer Mentor/Wikipedia Ambassador Training

This is an exciting opportunity for students who (a) are passionate about free knowledge sharing, (b) want to practice and enhance their communication skills, and (c) are hungry for something fun and interesting to do!  During this training, you’ll learn more about Wikipedia in the Classroom, how you personally can contribute to Wikipedia, and how you can help faculty and students as a trained ambassador.  [Coates Hall, Room 151, Complimentary refreshments]




12:00-1:30p, Designing Assignments & Planning to Teach with Wikipedia

During this roundtable discussion, you will get to visit with Wikipedia staff, CxC staff, LSU faculty who have experience teaching with Wikipedia, and fellow faculty members who want to teach with Wikipedia.  We’ll talk in-depth about your specific learning goals and how you might leverage Wikipedia in your classroom for the upcoming semester. [French House Grand Salon; Complimentary lunch]


3:30-4:30, Intermediate/Advanced Wikipedia Editing

Are you a novice at Wikipedia editing who wants to learn a little more?  This session will go beyond the Wikipedia editing basics, but it doesn’t require a computer science degree! [French House Grand Salon]