Communication Crash Course [for High School Students]

No matter which major you want to pursue in college or what type of job you want to get after college, COMMUNICATION SKILLS are critical to your personal, academic, and professional success. In fact, in the 2013 AAC&U national study of employers, 93% said the ability to “communicate clearly is more important than [a candidate’s] undergraduate registermajor.” So what are you waiting for? Get to working on becoming a better communicator with the help of the Crash Course!


The LSU Communication Crash Course [for High School Students] is a fun, effective way to advance your communication skills. Through interactive, small group coaching sessions you will learn how to:

  • develop and design impactful presentations;
  • craft a personal elevator pitch;
  • interact effectively via email with professors and employers;
  • create a professional online presence, including building a high-quality resume and LinkedIn profile; and
  • start face-to-face conversations with peers, professors, and employers.

This non-credit course is taught by LSU Communication across the Curriculum faculty committed to helping all students become successful communicators inside and outside the classroom. This course covers specific communication tools relevant to today’s students and coaches them on strategies to think critically stay reflexive throughout their personal, academic, and professional journeys.




Section A: June 13-16, 8:30 am – Noon | $165 by 5/20 ($195 after 5/20)  >>REGISTER NOW


Section B: June 13-16, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm | $165 by 5/20 ($195 after 5/20)  >>REGISTER NOW


This is a non-credit course. Section A and B are identical in content. All sections will be held at LSU (specific room locations and drop off info will be provided in even confirmation reminders). Registration fees include small group coaching and instruction, professional headshot, t-shirt, snacks, and certificate of completion. All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.