LSU Students Showcased in Videos Shown at TEDxLSU 2015

April 17, 2015

In its third annual event, TEDxLSU, championed by LSU Communication across the Curriculum (CxC), weaved the event theme “connect” into many aspects of the event, including the outdoor activities and a series of short videos shown between TEDx talks.

In one video, members from the LSU College of Engineering Robotics Mentor Society showed how they connect with area schools to inspire the next generation of engineers. The LSU students serve as mentors to teach and help develop skills in the field of robotics. These skills include teamwork, leadership and communication.

The highlight video, found below, was played during the first session of the event.



Later in the day, during the second session, LSU College of Art + Design graduate student,Naomi Clement, shared her story about a project entitled “Stories I Tell” that connects her passion of pottery to the stories her pieces create after they leave her studio.

Naomi handcrafted and painted forty unique cups and then selected recipients.  Each person who took home a cup was also given a postcard where they were instructed to record how they used the cup.  Some people gave the cups straightforward use by drinking out of them.  Others found more unconventional ways to use the cup.  One story in particular that resonated with Naomi was a young girl who used the cup to hold her Chap Stick collection.  To Naomi, at first, this seemed a bit comical, but then she realized that to this young girl, her Chap Stick collection is something special and the cup was the sacred object she used to store her collection.

All of the stories from the project were special and unique, something that Naomi enjoyed learning.  To learn more about the project, watch the video found below.


TEDx events are independently organized to bring people together at local levels to share in a TED-like experience. Much like TED Conferences, TEDx events are centered on big ideas and inspiring talks intended to spark deep discussion and connection among attendees. TEDx events are officially licensed events in which guidance, rules and regulations are provided by TED.

TEDxLSU is the only TEDx event in Baton Rouge. Launched in 2013, TEDxLSU is a platform to bring local, regional, and statewide communities together; to spur discussion and dialogue about real issues; and to generate big ideas that will move the state of Louisiana forward, forming a better way of life for the people of our great state. As the flagship university, LSU is the host location and vessel for this premier event. TEDxLSU is organized by local volunteers and championed by LSU Communication across the Curriculum.