Did You Know?

June 17, 2014

You might already know that Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) has a variety of services offered in the five communication studios across campus that are specific to the needs of all disciplines and majors. You might also know that the communication studio in the College of Art + Design (104A Design Building) has an array of services for students, including equipment checkout for art related projects, consultations with CxC staff, workstations and much more.

But what you may not know is that, aside from these offerings in the College of Art + Design, the studio has recently expanded their services. Check out the newest additions and enhancements to the College of Art + Design Communication Studio.

3D Printer

The studio is now the home to a 3D systems PLA printer. The printer is new to the office this semester, but has already been used by art and design students to bring their creations to life. CxC studio manager Vincent Cellucci said, “There is a big difference between making a 3D object on a computer and a real world object.” The College of Art + Design is also home to a 3D plaster printer that has been used to create topography models for landscape architecture. 

Studio Mural

The new mural, created by Raina Wirta, is a collaboration of ideas by the artist and a landscape architect that wanted to bring to life a topographical map of the Baton Rouge area. The office was sure to include the four modes of communication in the creation. Wirta used an assemblage of objects including wallpaper and floral prints. The articles used make up the visual communication of the mural. The written and spoken modes of communication are portrayed by the quote above the mural written by poet Mina Loy. Lastly, technology was used in creating the mural by laser cutting the CxC logo that can be found in the top left of the mural.


Be sure to stop by the CxC studio in 104A to check out the current resources, new printer, and mural. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting projects that the Studio of Art + Design is working on, including a historic preservation of Charity Hospital.