Meet CxC: Studio Manager, Kevin DiBenedetto


Kevin DiBenedetto began working with Communication across the Curriculum after spending over 10 years at LSU in other departments.  He graduated from the Manship School of Mass Communication in 1999 with a concentration in electronic media.  Immediately after graduating, he worked for LSU as the digital video coordinator for the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.  In 2007, DiBenedetto joined the CxC staff as a coordinator and studio manager for Studio 151.

Studio 151 offers many services to LSU students, including assistance with writing, presentations, speeches, portfolios and more.  Students also have the opportunity to check out camcorders, tripods, flip cameras and other AV equipment from the studio.

DiBenedetto explained that a typical day at work for him consists of overseeing operations, meeting with students, managing student mentors and keeping up with the technology and logistics of the studio. “I like the fact that everyday is different. The place is the same, but the students that come through the door and the projects are different,” DiBenedetto says.

His favorite part of his job is the contact with the students.  “Every semester we have a least a handful of students that really enjoy what they are doing.  I enjoy seeing it really click with the students that really spend the time to tell a story or explain a concept in a different way.  I really like seeing the students go to the next level.”

If you would like assistance with an assignment, be sure to stop by Studio 151 in Coates to visit DiBenedetto and his staff.