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GTA Workshops

Through small-group coaching and workshops, CxC supports the professional development of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) working
within Communication-Intensive Courses. Workshops are designed to elevate the teaching skills of GTAs and ultimately enhance learning within undergraduate C-I courses. Most workshops are open to all LSU graduate students, though when seating is limited, priority is given to GTAs supporting C-I Courses.

Feedback Strategies: Cultivating successful undergraduates in communication-intensive courses

Date: August 22, 2019
8:30 a.m. to  4 p.m.
LSU Campus - 1225 Patrick F. Taylor Hall

Participant registration accepted through August 5, 2019.

Regardless of the course content, we all know that feedback can greatly enhance students’ learning experiences. But how do you give meaningful feedback and do so efficiently? This workshop will address this very question via a focus on communication-intensive projects. These include but are not limited to written, spoken, visual and technological forms of communication.

GTAs interested in participating in this one-day workshop must register by August 5, 2019. The participation fee ($95) includes lunch, snacks and instructional materials. While GTAs can pay the participation fee themselves, we encourage faculty advisors and departments to sponsor GTAs whenever possible. Seating is limited. Priority will be given to GTAs working with C-I faculty/courses. This workshop is beneficial for novice TAs and seasoned educators alike.

Please note: If your attendance is being sponsored by a program or department, you must have the Workday Driving Worktag when you register. You can obtain this information via your sponsoring faculty member/program.


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