Communications Training & Skills Development

It takes continuous practice to build and improve your Communication Skills, which is why you will undergo a variety of learning experiences throughout your Distinguished Communicator journey, including class instruction, workshop training, and individual advising.

Communication-Intensive (C-I) Courses are discipline-specific courses that promote deeper learning of the content while also providing advanced instruction on effective communication in discipline-specific writing, speaking, visual and/or technological communication. These courses typically employ active, project-based learning, giving you ample opportunities to practice communicating disciplinary knowledge and to receive constructive feedback from your professors and peers.

Most C-I courses focus on two modes, which means you are able to earn two C-I credits per 3-hour course. Distinguished Communicator candidates are required to earn at least the following: 3 written, 2 spoken, 1 visual and 1 technological. You must earn a B- or higher in the course for you to receive C-I credit.  Certified C-I sections are marked in the LSU Course Offerings so you can easily identify them during registration. You can also find a comprehensive list of C-I Courses on the CxC website, and you can talk with your CxC Representative to help you locate C-I Courses with your degree path.  Once you complete a C-I course, it will display on your degree audit and transcript.

Each time you complete a C-I Course or complete an Independent C-I Contract, you must document it using the Course Credits Form. This will help you and your CxC Representative keep track of your courses and credits and give you an opportunity to briefly reflect on the advancement of your communication skills during your Distinguished Communicator journey.

In addition to earning the minimum C-I course credits, Distinguished Communicators are required to participate in at least three Communication Workshops. CxC offers a variety of workshops each semester focused on helping you further develop your skills. Each time you attend a workshop, you must complete the Workshop Participation Form. This will help you and your CxC Representative keep track of your workshop credits and give you an opportunity to briefly reflect on how your skills are improving.

Your experiences in C-I courses and workshops, combined with the one-on-one feedback provided by your CxC Representative and your Faculty Advisor, will help you to build exceptional writing, speaking, visual, and technological communication skills. The combination of these trainings will prepare you for success as an LSU Distinguished Communicator!