FAQs - Public Portfolio & Private Documents

How do I begin my Public Portfolio?

Work through the Public Portfolio Plan Form. It will walk you through the steps to planning and organizing a good Public Portfolio. Once you’ve drafted your plan, meet with your Faculty Advisor to discuss your plan and ideas. Also, carefully review the “Tips for Building a Better Portfolio” to help you avoid common mistakes. As you begin building your website, visit with your CxC Rep to help you achieve your vision.

What if I don’t know anything about creating websites?

It is okay; most students don’t. Learning to build a website is a skill you will be able to put on your resume, but don’t get caught up in the technology. Like past Distinguished Communicators, you will learn quickly. The overarching purpose is to get you to think critically about the work you produce, the skills you need to showcase to accomplish your post-college goals, and how you can best communicate all of this to your intended audience (e.g., employer, grad admissions officer, etc.).

Do I have to use specific software to build my Public Portfolio?

CxC suggests that you use Weebly, Wix or WordPress to build your Public Portfolio. Keep in mind that some of these tools are easier to use than others, so select the one that is most fitting for your level of technical expertise. Also, each tool comes with different templates and site styles, so you’ll want to select the one that is most complementary to you post-graduation goals and intended audience.

Where can I get help with building my Public Portfolio?

The CxC Studios can help you with any Distinguished Communicator requirements, including building your website. Your CxC Rep can help you plan your website, talk with you about visual design, and assist you with technical issues.

Will my Public Portfolio be a real, live website that anyone can see?

Yes, your Public Portfolio must be a working site published live to the Internet.

What do you do with all of my documents after I graduate?

CxC may use your Private Documents and Public Portfolios to help LSU faculty become better teachers. Additionally, your materials serve to demonstrate the quality of skill LSU students possess. Anytime your Private documents are used in this manner, all private identifiers will be removed so as to not disclose your identity.