CxC Advisory Council Membership Commitment

The goal of the CxC Advisory Council is to assist in the process of advancing the CxC program at all levels, including C-I courses, CxC studios, student workshops, the LSU DC program and CxC hosted events, including TEDxLSU.  While applying to be a member of the council is voluntary, once a membership position has been accepted, the member must complete and honor the commitments below.

The CxC Advisory Board will consist of 13-15 members who, collectively, vary in discipline and skill sets and represent all CxC constituency groups (faculty, students, community, alumni and industry professionals).

  • All Board members must demonstrate a strong commitment to student advancement, faculty development and community collaboration.
  • Members will serve a 2 year term (with some flexibility to establish efficient rotation within the first few years of the Board's creation).
  • When opportunities or challenges arise that require in-depth feedback and suggestions from the CxC community, Board members will lead working groups to engage critical stakeholders outside of the Board in conversations and decisions (i.e., a faculty member on the Board may be asked to lead a working roup of non-Board C-I faculty members in considering revisions to the C-I course evaluations).
  • Board members will participate in face-to-face board meetings that will be held quarterly, with additional meetings held via video or audio conference as needed throughout the year.

In addition to advising CxC, Board members will

  • publicly support the need for, and value of, advancing LSU undergraduates' communication skills. 
  • continuously champion CxC and its programming initiatives, such as TEDxLSU.
  • energetically support initiatives between LSU and private, public, and nonprofit organizations in the best interest of student and faculty success.