LSU Museum of Art Offers Resources for Faculty and Staff

Looking for a change of space?   Located in the heart of downtown, the LSU Museum of Art offers a variety of research and educational resources to our faculty and staff, including lecture and event space and free educational programs. The art museum is also a great way for LSU staff to escape and unwind after a long day in the office.   

“We want students, faculty and staff to know that we’re located just a few minutes from campus and that we’re here to be a resource for the community and the university,” said said Brandi Simmons, communications coordinator for the Museum of Art. 

Most recently the museum hosted a college faculty and staff retreat in their lobby.  And, on Thursday, October 13, the museum invites all faculty and staff to its ‘Atomic to Cosmic: Science in Painting Enlightenment’ panel discussion. The lecture will feature several LSU faculty members including: astrophysicist Geoffrey Clayton, quantum physicist A. Ravi P. Rau, evolutionary biologist Dominique Homberger and Buddhist studies professor and guest curator Paula Arai.  To learn more about the event, click here.

About the LSU Museum of Art:

The LSU Museum of Art serves as a vital cultural and educational resource for the greater Baton Rouge community. As part of its mission, the museum supports ambitious art outreach initiatives ranging from collaborative projects with local artists and LSU faculty and students to thriving primary and secondary school art programs. Through its exhibitions and programming, the museum aims to showcase and support the work of local Louisiana artists as well as present projects of great regional and national importance that place the art and artists of Louisiana in dialogue with the wider world. The museum’s education and outreach programs strive to reach broad segments of the local population as well as target underserved neighborhoods. The education department’s philosophy holds that the heart of the museum experience is object-based learning. It believes that personal interaction with original works of art provide meaningful links to the past and powerful points of contact with contemporary cultural concerns.