Summer Writing Bootcamp 2021

Summer Writing Bootcamp

Do you need time specifically dedicated to writing a grant or sabbatical proposal or finishing a manuscript or dissertation? Do the distractions of emails, calls and texts keep you from finishing your writing project? Are you looking for a space to put your thoughts on paper? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Summer Writing Bootcamp is just for you.   
Hosted by LSU’s Learning & Teaching Collaborative, the Summer Writing Bootcamp is a week-long bootcamp devoted to faculty, staff and student writing. Plan to come for a session, a day or the week. Bootcamp writers will share and support each other in their writing goals, and connect to university resources. 
The Summer Writing Bootcamp will be held on Monday, June 21 – Friday, June 25 in the Business Education Complex. There will also be a virtual option for those who are not able to attend in person. Registration is limited and protocols will be followed for everyone’s safety. Registrants will receive a follow-up email with detailed room information. 
Registration for the Summer Writing Bootcamp is now open! Registration will close on Wednesday, June 16.