Summer Writing Bootcamp: Reviews

Below are a list of challenges and successes from this summer's participants. Read how writers overcame these challenges to meet their goals. 

Challenges:  Successes:
Just focusing. It's so hard.  My greatest success was actually doing the outline and working on the paper. 
 Making progress anyway possible. It took me a minute to focus at first but once I started, it went great!
  Complete half of the results section of the manuscript
Determining what to prioritize. Being in a place where I’m motivated 
Pausing too long to edit. The writing duration with no break (thanks for the chat encouragement). Recalibrating a goal and striving for something smaller.
 I was not ready with materials to write my thesis I could start my second chapter of my thesis overcoming my write's block. 
I didn't know where to start. I gave myself a smaller goal, I was able to start to think about larger ones. 
 I struggle with lack of confidence on the quality of my work.  Opening my document and reading it was a big success!
Keep being distracted by numerous email alarms and tempting to respond to those emails. Staying focused on writing to accomplish my goals for the morning session.  Setting the goal for the given paper. 
Writing the introduction section on behavioral economic and making it flow better in my operant behavior analysis topic. Powering through the full writing session.


Bootcamp Reviews:

"It was great to have this opportunity to write in a quiet place with other faculty members, especially with other non-tenured faculty members." - LSU Faculty Member


"The summer writing group is the single most useful program I've encountered in my first year here at LSU. The benefits of this program include not only increased research productivity but the ability to connect with scholars in other departments/colleges. It would be foolish for LSU to not continue supporting this program." - LSU Faculty Member


"This has probably been the best thing I've done for my career and well-being in years. I'm in a small department where almost everyone is about to retire. There isn't anyone who is pushing to get tenure and I was feeling really alone in the whole process. I met so many other Jr. faculty at the writing group with the same tenure fears and it was so nice to talk them out with people who get it. This program is critical to Jr. faculty and LSU must continue to support it!" - LSU Faculty Member


"This was a wonderful opportunity and I'll be signing up again! I loved the opportunity to work in a social but still serious environment. I think this kind of program will help retain young faculty, not only because it directly supports their work (and thus publishing), but also because it creates a sense of community that can sometimes be lacking." - LSU Faculty Member