“In Memoriam” Website Launched

In partnership with Faculty Senate, the Office of Academic Affairs recently launched a webpage, www.lsu.edu/inmemoriam, to honor the memory and accomplishments of our deceased faculty.  A working group ensures that memorials are prepared for each LSU faculty member who was either an active or retired member of our academic community upon his or her death.  Each entry may contain brief biographical information, links to tributes and obituaries, and when possible, bibliographies of the individual's articles, books, and book chapters. 

“To this point memorials for even LSU’s most distinguished faculty have been posted irregularly and inconsistently. This new page will enable us to provide a memorial site to honor deceased faculty properly and permanently. Thanks to Academic Affairs and the Faculty Senate for moving this much-needed project along so quickly," said Dr. Malcom Richardson, Associate Dean and Taylor Professor of English, in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

As the Office of Academic Affairs works to populate the site, the committee encourages the LSU community to pass along the news of a faculty member's death and other relevant information via email to inmemoriam@lsu.edu

A posting of each year’s memorials will occur in the December edition of the OAA Insights.