Take Five with Dereck Rovaris, Vice Provost for Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Dereck Rovaris, Vice Provost for Diversity and LSU’s Chief Diversity Officer, shared a moment of his time to discuss the campus climate survey scheduled for release on October 5th.

What is the purpose of the campus climate survey?

Our hope is that it will give us a snapshot in terms of various backgrounds on campus. This is a common practice; we have to do an assessment to know where we stand.

How does our campus currently foster diversity?

Where we see needs, we address them.

Do you believe the events over the summer have had an effect on our campus?

Most definitely – it has had an effect on how people feel about campus. More importantly, it has brought forward dialog and conversation.

How will these events over the summer impact the survey?

There will be more heightened sensibilities, but I don’t believe it will corrupt the data or skew the results.

The LSU community is encouraged to take part in the campus climate survey. The survey will be sent via email on October 5, 2016. To take the survey, please click the link that pertains to you: 

Faculty and staff survey: http://lsu.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_3rso5hnvDAGD3Kt

Student survey: http://lsu.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_25ENVLc1NdT3Ttr