LSU Is Changing How We Do Business

On July 1, 2016, LSU will retire its finance, payroll and human resources mainframe-based systems and replace them with a new ERP called Workday, which promises to eliminate redundant paperwork and streamline mundane tasks. For more information, please see

Concurrently, Human Resources Management has contracted with software company, Digital Measures, to create a common academic online platform for the faculty evaluation and promotion and tenure process. HRM representatives cited several reasons for the need to modernize its processes. Known as LSU Faculty 360, the new platform promises to eliminate redundant asks for information and duplicity and will warehouse personnel information in a constructive, consistent manner. On the flip side, faculty will have the ability to manipulate their data in a variety of ways to economize their time, including producing annual activity reports, a current CV, an NSF biosketch, and promotion and tenure documents…all at the click of a button.

Both projects hold promise for modernizing business practices and punctuate the need for LSU to rethink and reshape the way it embraces technology. During the transition, both HRM and the Workday project team will host a series of conversations, demos, seminars and training sessions.

As a champion for modernizing how we do business, the Office of Academic Affairs encourages your feedback and input on the implementation processes. Please email your thoughts and concerns to