Collaborative Symposiums and Conversations Abound Around Campus

Several groups have recently hosted lively presentations and conversations on how LSU can better leverage its individual intellectual assets for the common good.

On October 20th, faculty from many disciplines gathered in Memorial Tower for the first event in a three part series called Conversations and Camaraderie to stimulate dialogue amongst our faculty colleagues. The second one, scheduled for November 24 at the Faculty Club, invites faculty along with their graduate students to exchange ideas, thoughts and ultimately contact information.

On November 3rd, the LSU Alumni Association hosted a Partners In Progress event with the College of Science and Pennington Biomedical Center to explore existing and potential partnerships between campuses. Following several presentations highlighting symbiotic research partnerships amongst research faculty from each institution, Dean Cynthia Peterson and Pennington Executive Director Will Cefalu moderated a faculty forum on how LSU can break the down the barriers which prevent further collaboration between the two campuses.

Lastly, on November 17th the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute hosted an open faculty forum for like-minded researchers to learn and engage others in their research related to disaster management.

Creating collaborative, vibrant communities is key to fostering new ideas and innovation. As such, the Office of Academic Affairs is committed to creating open and cross-disciplinary environments for our faculty to thrive.