Beginning-of-Semester Faculty Reminders

Faculty Technology Center Open House

September 7, 2017 – 9:00-4:00pm – 101 Frey Computing Services

Please join us on September 7th in our newly renovated location in 101 Frey Computing Services Center. Stop by anytime between 9:00am-4:00pm to enjoy coffee and snacks while visiting with the consultants and learning more about what the FTC has to offer. There will be onsite demonstrations of some of the latest technologies applicable to research and teaching & learning, including virtual reality and 3D printing. Between 11:30-1:00pm a light lunch will be available.

Fall 2017 Midterm Grade Reporting

Submission of mid-semester grades is an established policy outlined in the LSU General Catalog. In an effort to improve mid-semester reporting of student progress, the Office of Academic Affairs would like to remind all faculty and instructional personnel that Fall 2017 midterm grades, as required by policy, are due Tuesday, October 17, by 9:00 am. Whenever possible, assessment of student learning should be planned, taking this critical benchmarking date into account. 

Upcoming Faculty Development Opportunities

Human Resource Benefits Workshops:
Aug. 23 (10 am-noon), 230A Middleton Library
Sept. 7 (10 am-noon), 230A Middleton Library
Faculty Development Opportunities

New Faculty Lunches:
Sept. 19 (noon-1:30 pm), Location TBA
Oct. 11 (11:30 am-1 pm), Location TBA
Nov. 16 (noon-1:30pm), Location TBA

Teaching Students How to Learn Workshop:
Sept. 28 (2 pm-3pm), 210 Choppin Hall

Backward Design Workshop:
Nov. 28 (2 pm-3pm), 210 Choppin Hall

Tiger Days (faculty classroom observations):
Week of Oct. 9

Faculty Colloquium: 
Jan. 4, 2018
speaker: Ken Bain, author of What the Best College Teachers Do
book club to coincide with this event in fall semester (more info forthcoming)

HRM Headliner: Faculty Recruitment Series

Want strategies to attract a diverse candidate pool? Bring in the top candidates?  Impress your best candidates when visiting campus?

Join the LSU Human Resource Management team for a four part faculty recruitment series “From Position to Professor.” It will be focused on identifying and hiring the best faculty candidate, in addition to providing tools for department heads and faculty search committees. All department heads and search committee members are encouraged to attend.

For more information and instructions to register, please click here for more information. Participants may register through myLSU > Employee Resources > LSU Training and Event Registration.